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Head Maid Who?!

Does a Pizza Maid REALLY exist?

Well… yeah. Sort of.

I have a feeling later on down the road folks will reference back to this exact post, but where in the hell does “Pizza Maid” come from? Well it comes from her (Look down)

ffxiv_05122015_211740 ffxiv_05122015_211700


“Who might that be?” Well for all intents and purposes it’s my online identity and persona. Known by folks as the HMIC (Head Maid in Charge) folks on social media and in Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn know me as Alisha Rue.

I play on the Primal data center on NA – Ultros, and purchased a private estate in the Mist division to turn the upstairs of my private home into a maid pizza cafe. Called “Seekers of the Tsun” a rotating staff of awesome, lovely maids and myself aim to serve you tomato pies (since that’s the closest thing we’ve got to pizza in XIV) with speedy and sassy delivery. Only a few people pop in every now and then, but hopefully I can set up an RP event in the near future.

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