A 30th Year Letter to Little Chibi Ali

For some time now, I had wanted to leave a digital imprint of sorts on a monumental age milestone. As I’m soon embarking my 30’s tomorrow now seemed like a better time than ever to write an encouraging letter to the younger Ali, and give her some pearls of wisdom to bestow upon her as life fully takes hold: 


Little Ali-chan,

Oh my darling Ali, you have got quite the life ahead of you! I’d love to tell you that your hopes and aspirations of becoming the female MacGuyver came to fruition, but I’d be lying. You’ve got bigger things in store for you.

As you transition from your grade school years into the university life it’s probably one of the biggest struggles you’ll have to overcome. You’ll find yourself lost, alone, and looking for a path to follow. In the midst of all this you’ll learn a greater understanding of the meaning of life. In the process you’ll have to bid farewell to two individuals who loved and molded you into the woman you’ll become: your Grandmother who raised you and your Father. Promise me when these events occur that you let your heart grieve properly. You’ve always had a strong sense of spirit, but know that it’s okay to cry and let it all out. It’ll make the process that much easier and with each tear that’s fallen, you’ll instill their lessons and their memories into your heart and can hold onto them wherever you go.

Your love for music? It’s going to give you opportunities bigger than you’ve ever imagined. You’re going to meet iconic music artists, move to the big city to start a career in music— hell you’re even going to hold a Grammy in your hands! Will you be in the band? No— you’ll forever be uncoordinated with your fingers. BUT? You’ll get to work behind the scenes with some key players in the music industry, and the biggest reward you’ll ever receive is knowing that masses of people are singing and screaming along to bands you’ve had a helping hand in making successful. It’s a feeling that will swell your heart with pride.

You’ll learn to love, and sometimes loving so much will hurt you in the long run. Don’t let it scare from you from giving another man a chance. Your heart is going to break a couple of times until the right guy comes along. When Mr. Right does come along? Your world is going to turn UPSIDE DOWN. The belief that the best things happen when you least expect it was always a far fetched concept in your mind, but believe it; It’ll happen to you. Remember to treat him well, always find a reason to make him smile, let him know that you appreciate and care for him each day, and for all that is holy bite your damn tongue every time you almost drop the “L word”. It’s too damn soon! 🙂

Some of the friends you’ve forged relationships with are going to remain a core part in your life. You know that long haired Latina girl? Marissa? Well she practically becomes your other half. From high school to college to the real world your bond and friendship grow stronger with each day. You’ll endure a year of separation oceans apart, but still you’ll remain there for each other. Treasure that. You’ll make many friends both in real life and online. Cherish those relationships also as they’ll be a backbone to your support system. Like you remember from Sailor Moon promise to protect them and never let them be lonely. It’s what will make you a great friend and confidante.

Laugh. Laugh all the time. Your smile is your biggest source of strength. Never lose sight in that your faith gets you by during the hard times and never stop reaching for the stars. They’ll always be in your grasp to catch.

Love You,

Big Ali-Chan

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