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Remembering A Realm Reborn


No! This is not a farewell post! This is more of a culmination / graduation post! ^_^

I never set myself with any goals leading up to Heavensward… until I learned from the Live Letter that for entry into Ishgard I needed to finish the main quest scenario, and try to gear up somewhere around iLvl 110. Uguuu……..

And so just like that I dropped everything I was doing, and worked solely my main secenario questline about two weeks ago. I was still on A Realm Reborn patch so I had A WAYS TO GO. With the help of the awesome Guardians in Guardians Reborn, I plowed through the quests, dungeons and trials, and just wrapped up the whole questline (AND EVERY PAINFUL AND SAD CUTSCENE THAT CAME ALONG WITH IT) this past Sunday. I have to say maybe it’s because I saw Rue in each cutscene, but it tugged at my heartstrings. I was reminded of all the highlights and memories I made in this game with my FC and friends across Ultros and other servers. Memorable highlights include:

  • Of course marrying one of my best friends in game, S’pharin Sunkist…. at 2:00am ET in a decked out all orange wedding.
  • Many nights outside of the FC house having an FC party in the pond. Please note: We have a hot tub inside the house. Why we never use it? Uhh…..
  • 5:00am runs of T1-T4. Guess how many folks were sober during the ADS fight?
  • “ALI YOU’RE STILL IN CLERIC STANCE!” “Uhhh…. I meant to do that! For the challenge! >_>”
  • Titansock. Enough said.
  • /hands in a quest, /slapped by Shinryu Reishiki
  • The formation of the Ultros Twitterati! LS and the Neo Crystal LS
  • Running Coil, but our tank, Sun, is complaining how his accuracy is low midway during a fight.
  • Our neverending quest to convince Leo to buy a new keyboard.
  • GoV Girls Night happening at either Kit’s house, Subz’ house, or mine
  • The many times I would try leveling other classes and jobs, but Yoshi-P and Square Enix luring me back to CNJ/WHM by giving me EVERY PIECE OF PINK CNJ GEAR I CAN IMAGINE. ACROSS 3 TOONS. FOR 15 FUCKIN’ LEVELS.

And that’s just scratching the surface! For the first time I think in my history of MMO-ing (Yeah that’s a word now. Fight me.) I’m actually relevant on content, gear (almost), and have reached end game. AS A WHITE MAGE. If you had told me a year and a half ago this would be my fate, I would’ve laughed in your face. But surprised to say? I can’t imagine life in eorzea any other way!

Wandering Minstrel, the Sennas, Y’shtola and various other NPC’s? Thanks for etching a long lasting memory in my nerd heart. Thancred thanks for being easy on the eyes, but I’ve moved on to greener pastures with Pipin Tarupin (Lalafells sitting on my lap in Heavensward ALL DAY EVERYDAY). And of course to all the friends I’ve made on Ultros, Faerie, Cactuar and Twitter? You guys rule. And to my family in <GoV>? Leo’s going AFK until he can build an airship. ^_^ Love you all with my Mama Rue heart.

Heavensward? LET’S DO THIS. C’mon you sorry joke for a pet dragon minion Midgardsormr…..

One thought on “Remembering A Realm Reborn

  1. As mentioned in my other comment, this post really put a smile on my face. I’ve been reminiscing about my time in ARR as well recently. And now, more than even, I cannot wait to step through those gates and into Ishgard!


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