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The “Key” to Flawless Skin

Alright ladies and gents, I had witnessed this on…. Sunday? Finally managed to catch a moment to sit down and flesh this one out this morning. 🙂

I play a lot of video games, but I also like to take care of myself. I try to eat well, exercise when I can, and above all else? KEEP MY SKIN ON POINT. When folks ask me who I admire as a skin muse, I can think of no one else but my beloved Key from SHINee. The token fashionista of the popular K-Pop band, he’s also the the skincare diva, and rightfully so. The man’s skin is near flawless.

In a recent episode of the MBC show/stream “My Little Television” Key broadcasted just some tutelage on how he washes makeup off of his face. I know a lot of folks ask me how I do the same, and pretty much? This is it, plus some additional steps and creams I use for my daytime and nighttime regimen. If you’re interested let me know and I’ll be sure to make a future post on that. I’ll also be sure to include following the video what products he uses and helpful links where you can find these items as well. /v-sign

In addition, here’s the products that he had used. Coming from the company called The Saem cosmetics, it makes sense he would use these products because not only are they AMAZING (I can vouch for the Urban ECO Harakeke Seed Firming Cream), but SHINee is also celebrity representatives of the company as a sponsor.

Oil Cleanser: The Saem Marseille Olive Moisture Cleansing Oil 

Foam Cleanser: The Saem Urban ECO Harakeke Foam Cleanser

Pore Brush / Cleanser: The Saem Gem Miracle Auto Pore Cleanser 

Face Mask: The Saem Zoo Park Moisturizing Panda Face Mask


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