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A FemRoe and her Chocobo

Oh man…. there was no way I COULDN’T post about this gem ๐Ÿ˜€

Let’s rewind to this past weekend. I had headed home to PA to go see a group of my old girlfriends from high school as we attended a friend’s bridal shower. It was definitely super awesome to see them all and pick up right where we left off with no issues. ๐Ÿ™‚ Plus? It gave me a chance to head home and see the family, which is always a blast for me.

I think it was… Saturday evening? Yeah Saturday night I get a text from Samo-chan letting me know to hop into XIV because there was a surprise waiting for me there. Excellent! He’s a sweetheart so a surprise from him was a bonus! I fuddled around in my backpack to find my XIV authenticator only to realize… it wasn’t there. Gundamn it! I’m going to have to wait (patiently wait at that) until I got back to the city to log on and see what the Delivery Moogle was holding on to for me.

Now if you know me? I LOVE surprises, but I have NO PATIENCE when it comes to waiting for it. I’m “that kid” that will pester and nag at you for hints or clues as to what it is. Without fail, I did the same thing to Samo-chan. “What is it?! Can I get a hint? Is it an item of clothing or something for my crafting class? Is it something for my chocobo?!” I asked any and all questions, and like a solid rock, he would not budge. FUUUUUUUUUU /pout

Sam – 1 | Ali – 0

Fast forward to last night. I had a good day at work. Little sleepy, but I’m always sleepy really. Had a nice dinner, got home, AND RANSACKED MY ROOM LIKE A MOFO IN SEARCH OF THAT AUTHENTICATOR. Finally, I managed to find it in the same place it always is. I rushed to turn on my laptop and login to the game.

” A new patch needs to be updated. 211 MB. ”


* 25 minutes later *


I wasted no time whatsoever. My retainers? They’ll still be there. I’m sure my fishing retainer, TsundereKirino will still be hasty towards me. The Gold Saucer? Probably won’t win much MGP. It can wait. I log onto Vis, make a beeline to the Delivery Moogle near the Aftcastle, and I see this:


Oh my….. /SQUEAL

Now guys… I have been saving all the gil I possibly could to buy the Tidal Barding from the MB, but between selling items and making gil to deposit into the FC chest for a future home? I had to prioritize. Plus my Chocobo’s name is Triton. THIS IS PERFECT FOR HIM! I immediately squealed and took pictures and had to show Sam.





Sam took this one. It’s our first and only family photo! (Selene is hiding between Triton and Ralken) ๐Ÿ™‚

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