Oh sweet midweek we’ve been expecting you! /bows

Wednesday has arrived and just as we see the weekend vastly approaching all you beauties of Eorzea here’s your opportunity to join the Maid Militia and win the following!


* This is a virtual item and has no real world monetary value.
* Please note that prizes are transferable only to the characters’ linked to the Entrant’s service account.l item and has no real world monetary value.
* Please note that prizes are transferable only to the characters’ linked to the Entrant’s service account.

All you have to do is send in a creative and witty response to the following question:

In preparation for the weekend, it’s common practice at ‘Seekers’ to get a head start on the bustling Friday and Saturday night lunch and dinner service for the cafe. As requested by Head Maid Esuna you’re hard at work dusting, and bringing out the best plate ware for future guests. Upon turning around to grab another dish, you notice that just outside the window you see a man… a — a handsome man, eagerly peering into the restaurant with a glistening smile. Startled by his unexpected presence you drop one of the fine dining plates. 


With his jaw dropped in bewilderment by the incident he rushes into the cafe and is quick to push you to the side to prevent you from stepping near the broken glass.

“Stop! Come no further or else you’ll be in harms way!!!!”

With wide eyed wonder, you quietly nod. 

“Oh, please forgive me as I’ve so rudely rushed in with no formal introduction. I’m Hildibrand Heliodor Maximilian Manderville. Known by the men of Eorzea as a ‘Gentleman of Light’ and by young ladies as a pure and prodigious gift by the Twelve *wink* I’ve traveled far and wide in hopes that I could seek your aid in a personal mission. My trusty sidekick, Nashu, has been alongside me for many mysteries and adventures. As a means to repay her for her company and assistance I wanted to hold a meal here at your fine dining establishment. It’s been rumored by many that ‘Seekers’ is acclaimed for creating signature pies and dishes for notable figures in all of Eorzea. Tell me for the big festivities, could you make a signature tomato pie pizza in honor of… me? What would it be called and what would you put in it? “  

Again to submit a valid entry into today’s contest be sure to do the following:

Submit your creative response via email to


Entry submissions must contain the following:
– Your creative response to the NPC
– Your full in-game character name
– Your World name

Best of luck to you ladies! Live polls will be up tomorrow and winners will be announced around week’s end!  ❤

Head Maid In Charge

Esuna Yuuki

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