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It’s time for an overhaul!

By no means is it a BIG overhaul (I’m no web designer), but decided to change things up a bit aesthetically to celebrate the beginning of Blaugust starting tomorrow! What can you expect to see for the next 31 days? Well the goal is to cover:

– Rue’s ongoing quest to level to 60 without pulling my hair

– RP events going on at “Seekers of the Tsun”

– General life posts about skincare, family, relationships, and all the pizza photos I can post!

– A vlog here and there!

– My curious intrigue with Rocket League along with various fighting games

– Above all else FUN!

– Hopefully fun fanart submissions of Rue!

Enjoy the next 31 days folks!



2 thoughts on “It’s time for an overhaul!

  1. I love mixing my blog’s design up, and I have an awful habit of tweaking bits and pieces until it’s “perfect” and then I inevitably get bored and do it all over again. xD


    1. Oh my goodness! THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I’VE BEEN UP TO FOR THE LAST TWO DAYS. I think it’s the feeling that the appearance of the blog somewhat represents me as the writer I have to tailor it to the best of my ability. 🙂


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