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BLAUGUST DAY 1 – Distance Makes the Geek Grow Fonder

In the modern age of technology and all things digital, the 21st century has opened both eyes and hearts to the prospect of not only forming friendships online, but also love.

I’ve been in relationships that were up to three time zones away, as well as relationships so close; we began living together after a few short months. For some reason though (and I can’t quite put my finger on it) Samo-chan is different, and in the best way possible.

Our humble beginnings actually started long before we became “us”. Our story begins about a year prior where I was living with my then boyfriend at the time. We have mutual friends and in 140 characters or less (all platonic mind you), we got to conversing and dweebing out over fighting games, specifically tournament matches from EVO 2014. For the course of that weekend we would reply to each other with our remarks on the match, discuss strategies that were used, and a whole lot of “WHAT THE—- DID YOU JUST SEE THAT?!”

Did we know what would happen to us in the months that followed? No, not at all. Did we expect to find love in an unlikely place? Nope not at all, but we’re sure glad we did! Now for the last three months we’ve made so many great memories, began our own traditions, and have learned so much about each other with a short amount of times, but many miles between us.

So is there a secret to success for long distance nerds in love? Well there’s no recipe or secret per se ; we both make a valiant effort though to make the best of the time we have together. Here’s some fun ideas just to keep the spice alive… and fun!

1. Find a TV show that you both can watch together online

For Samo-chan and myself, we run some pretty rugged schedules during the week with work, exercise, group activities with friends, etc. We take comfort in knowing though that every Thursday night we’re devoted to relaxing on our beds, opening up Discord for voice chat, and hopping on a great site called CyTube to sit back and watch the TV show that always brings us closer together, Lucha Underground ๐Ÿ˜€

… for us, Lucha nights on Thursday is always a “unique opportunity” to get closer.


2. Make a meal exclusively yours

I’m a firm believer that if you and your S.O. both share a common interest, it’s so much fun to make a tradition of it together while also making time to enjoy the things you like solo as well. When I found out that every Sunday morning it was habit for Sam to get up at 9:30am, grab breakfast, and sit down and catch the newest episode of “The Excellent Adventures of Gootecks and Mike Ross” on YouTube, I asked if he had any objections to me joining in on it. He was elated, and just like that we started a new meal tradition to get up around 9:30 (I’ll be honest… I’m up by 10), we each grab breakfast and then sit back and enjoy the show while I’m usually berating Mike Ross for his Makoto gameplay. It’s really great because even for the times one of us is traveling or away from home, we still have one thing that we always make time for.


3. Take them out on a date… in Eorzea

So it doesn’t have to specifically be Eorzea, but for Sam and myself both The Gold Saucer and FFXIV as a whole holds a lot of significance for us. The game was the meeting place for the two of us while we were both on staycation this past April, The Gold Saucer was our “first date” (coincidentally also the start of Sam’s Triple Triad infatuation) and the start for us as a couple. While this could apply for any MMO, or any game for that matter with a two player or co-op mode, it’s nice to get away from real life stresses by immersing yourselves into a game, exploring and learning how to work together as a unit.


4. Work together on an arts and crafts project together

This one is probably one of my favorite ideas that I have to give full credit to Samo-chan on. We have a blast doing a lot of things online, but every now and then a little “disconnect” from the Internet, TV, and video games is nice. Both he and I are “handyman” kind of people and building and assembling things for Sam is his way of decompressing and relaxing. So as a surprise for me for my birthday, he mailed me the most thoughtful gift; he mailed me a Japanese import model kit of Gundam’s Nobel, along with a stationary box full of tools, paint pens, and other various items to help build the model kit from start to finish. The best part? He ordered the same exact set for himself so we could do it together step by step from start to finish over Skype! During that time, we asked each other a lot of questions about our favorite movies, talked about our work week, and really had a lot of one-on-one time building something together. It broke down walls and the distance in miles apart from one another. We look forward to more Gundam Nobel dates in the future.


For more information on the Blaugust Initiative, you can click the link HERE and join in on the fun this month!

5 thoughts on “BLAUGUST DAY 1 – Distance Makes the Geek Grow Fonder

  1. What a lovely and great post. โค I actually met my hubby in World of Warcraft and we spent a few months just enjoying each other's company in Azeroth and it was good. ๐Ÿ™‚ So I particularly love tales like this one!

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  2. My significant other doesn’t play many games, but she loves to watch them played. We’re a great match! I make sure to have a game I want to play that she doesn’t mind watching, that way we can spend quality time together, but not at the expense of one another’s habits/passions.

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  3. We are legion. The spousal unit and I met while playing Asheron’s Call (an old, old MMO) — back when meeting people online made your friends look at you like you were wearing a giant “I LIKE AXE MURDERERS PLEASE COME AXE MURDER ME” sign on your head.

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    1. Hehehe! Me and Sam joke often if we’re catfishing each other while on Skype just for jabs and laughs. It’s comforting though that despite the distance there’s a special someone for me in this world. He just so happens to be conveniently located next to Disney World. ๐Ÿ˜€

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