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BLAUGUST Day 2 – The Pizzamaid Edition of “Cribs” feat. Seekers of the Tsun!

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You know… the inception and the brainchild for the blog’s namesake came from one pivotal thing…


Yup! My private estate on my main’s server, Ultros. After purchasing the home I was elated to get right to work in making my house a home! Now initially both the first and second floors were purely residential. It wasn’t until a random conversation with several Twitter friends that we collectively came up with the idea of making the upstairs a Pizza Maid Cafe’. Once that idea started swirling around in my head, I got straight to work with the help of my IG husband, S’pharin, several FC members in <GoV> and various friends on the server. I’m so thankful that it’s a home and a cafe’ built with love from the ground up.

The Exterior

ffxiv_07282015_213445 ffxiv_07282015_213504 ffxiv_07282015_213523 ffxiv_07282015_213534

With the outside of the home, I wanted to give it the signature Rue color of Sunset Orange (if you’ve sold them on the Ultros MB I’ve probably contributed to your gil total) so with a nice wooden trim outdoors, my lovely retainer, Tsunderekirino, sassin’ people who purchase my items for sale, and a lovely heart—flame—-dongle I try to give the outside of the cafe’ both a lovely and minimalist appearance.

The Cafe’

ffxiv_07282015_213627 ffxiv_07282015_213634 ffxiv_07282015_213654 ffxiv_07282015_213701 ffxiv_07282015_213706ffxiv_07282015_213654

Now on the first floor of “Seekers” well— that’s where the cafe’ magic happens! To try and match the Sunset Orange exterior inside I have four tables with three seats each from the Riviera set each with their own respective placement of food to give it a food service ambience. Lining the walls with the orange/yellow chocobo print, it really complements the hardwood floor as well as the rustic bar area with my two maidservants, Rhea and Alex. Yes— yes I named them because I could! It’s very hard to tell so if you ever visit in game I wanted to maintain a balance of both cozy meets stellar, so hanging on the ceiling of the first floor is a Star Chandelier as well as a telescope so customers can enjoy the view of the night sky while waiting for their food to be prepared. I also added a sliding door for privacy sake between the upstairs and the downstairs.

Let’s take a peek at the living quarters, shall we?

Second Floor – Private Residence

ffxiv_07282015_213751 ffxiv_07282015_213811 ffxiv_07282015_213815 ffxiv_07282015_213906 ffxiv_07282015_213945 ffxiv_07282015_213952 ffxiv_07282015_214001 ffxiv_07282015_214050

I know upon first appearances the private residence seems somewhat cluttered or all over the place, but really what makes a house a home is the memories you’ve included in it. For myself a lot of items in the downstairs portion such as my Shiva couch, my hot tub, my Eternal Bonding cake was given to me as presents from my beloved FC mates, and of course the hubs, S’pharin. I like to proudly showcase them as I feel very blessed to have each one of them in my life in any capacity. We’ve held a lot of fun parties in this here space, and hopefully many more! ๐Ÿ™‚

I also wanted to showcase my nook office corner complete with the complete Carbuncle office set. Being that I started my adventures as Rue in Limsa Lominsa, and proudly display my pride as a “Maelstrom Girl”, I was gifted this whole set by S’pharin on my 30th birthday. There I spend most of my quiet time pondering up posts to write for the blog, handle paperwork and invoices / inventory for the cafe’, and even record my Sunday evening constellation hunts with the help of my trusty Model Star Globe on the desk.

Finally I know I’ve had a lot of questions asked about one item in the bedroom. “RUE?!?! HOW IN THE HECK DID YOU GET A MERMAID BED?!?!” Hehe. Well again that idea stemmed from my darling husbando! What I did was use your standard bed, purchased Llymlaen’s Embrace, and it just happened to fit like Legos!


If you have any add’l questions regarding “Seekers” with regards to the floorplan, layout, or items? Drop me a line in the comments section and I’ll do my best to answer! ^_^

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