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BLAUGUST Day 3 – Married to SHINee’s Newest Music Video

For more information on the Blaugust Initiative, you can click the link HERE and join in on the fun this month!

Oh man… as much as I love me some video games? I HAD to make a post dedicated to one of my many other loves… K-Pop.

If you’ve been a regular visitor of the blog, you’re no stranger to my devotion and loyalty to K-Pop and specifically, the band SHINee. To say I’m a fangirl is probably an understatement; I own almost all their albums and have downloaded a lot of their music videos on my phone. I even have their sticker packs that I can send in text messages to folks on Kakao Talk! It’s some serious business.

So when it was brought to my attention online that the band is releasing a new music video to promote their upcoming album repackage titled “Married to the Music” is releasing today, I made a mad dash to my laptop to stimulate both my eyes and ears. I wanted to share this one with the blogosphere as well:

Ok so…. where to begin? To all you first timers to PizzaMaid, let me tell you how Ali’s way of reviewing upcoming releases usually starts with watching the new music video— about 3 or 4 times. Did I do just that? YOU BET YOUR BIPPY. I think the song itself channels some influence to the greats like Michael Jackson and various others circa the mid’ to late 1980’s. Am I love with the sound? Not yet, but in due time it’ll grow on me. Realistically I’ll probably buy the new album to sample each of the tracks on it.

Now visually though? I LOVE IT. The MV is super vibrant, yet Halloween-ish concept WHICH I LOVE, and like most Mvs for SHINee they’re really good about highlighting all the members as opposed to just singling one person out. The music video overall gave me an early taste of Autumn and Halloween, and coupled with their snappy and fun choreography I’m eagerly looking forward to upcoming live performances for them.

On a 1-8 pizza scale? The newest single for SHINee gets 7 Slices from me. I can’t wait to buy this album today and dive right in!

Oh— did i mention how handsome they all are? Truly they are…. WITH THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SKIN ON THE PLANET.

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