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BLAUGUST Day 4 – Testing my Might with Ethereal Mileena

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Ok so as much as this post is for you new readers, I— I needed a self motivation post myself with regards to Mortal Kombat X. Let me explain further.

In a few days following the publishing of this post, I’ll be heading back home to my family in Pennsylvania. As one of many final farewells for my oldest nephew going to college, he wanted to partake in a family tradition we have annually with a Mortal Kombat tournament. It started back 3 years ago when I themed my 27th birthday Mortal Kombat style. From a full range round robin tournament, to a fountain of “Fatality Punch” and even my Mom hosting the festivities as Sub Zero (see below), we kind of go all out for it. It’s a nerd family, what can I tell you.


This tournament is different in comparison to past ones being that one? It’s a bracket elimination style tourney, and two? No teams. It’s each man and woman for themselves. I’ll be honest I’m slightly nervous as I’m limited to practice time being in Brooklyn, but from the times I’ve been home playing in training mode with my brother-in-law (Hellfire Scorpion main) and my niece (Hollywood Cassie Cage main). I tinkered around in the game trying out a lot of characters, but instantly fell in love the minute I got my hands on Ethereal Mileena.

I know many players find Ethereal Mileena to be a waste of a variant, but I personally find the Sai + Teleport combinations to be very beneficial in close ranged melee, and is EXTREMELY TROLLISH. Be still my heart. ❤

With Ethereal Milee, I find myself carrying minimal – average damage output, yet I can end my combos with a pretty hard knock down, which is something I find comfortable in my play style. Will it be enough with the likes of opponents coming in from the likes of Reptile, Erron Black, Tanya and others? I’m not sure, but after this weekend I’ll let you know how I did. Wish me luck!

Ethereal FIGHTING!


2 thoughts on “BLAUGUST Day 4 – Testing my Might with Ethereal Mileena

    1. So the funny thing? She willingly did it herself. Rolled into a Party City asking for the costume, the associate asked for the size of the child, and my Mom smiled as she asked for a Grandma size and pointed to herself. 😊

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