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BLAUGUST Day 6 – Gaming on the Go with LINE Play!

For more information on the Blaugust Initiative, you can click the link HERE and join in on the fun this month!

So I have a lot of topics brewing in my noggin, but stumbled upon the “Writing Prompts” thread in the Blaugust 2015 forums. One in particular stuck out to me and this was something I had initially planned on discussing, so I’m excited to write about it.

What is your favorite smartphone app and what is so awesome about it?

Being that I travel a lot and my work commute is about an hour on the train each way to and from work, it’s a little difficult to carry my laptop with me at all times. I’m notorious for forgetting to charge my 3DS so when those days happen, I turn to my phone and play a fun app called LINE Play. If memory serves me right it’s available in the iOS App Store and in the Android store.


I feel as if the best way to describe this app game is best described as the lovechild of Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Gaia Online mixed in with Gacha machines, 12 year old girls, and K-Pop / J-Pop music and culture. Perhaps an even better example is this: Do you remember the mobile app available to Japanese residents in Gatchaman: Crowds called “CROWDS”? Imagine less emergencies, and more opportunities to meet folks from all over the world.

I was initially introduced to the game when I saw that a Gacha house was created to promote the new reboot of Sailor Moon: Crystal. By just logging in, watering people’s plants in their house, dusting furniture, high fiving new folks in public areas and even fishing you can obtain gems. These gems are used as currency to buy chances to roll various Gacha machines for super rare or rare items for your avatar to wear, plus interior items to decorate your house. Sailor Moon: Crystal isn’t the only franchise that offers Gacha items either. From Evangelion to Winnie the Pooh, to even members of K-Pop bands like Kara and GOT7, the possibilities are endless!

I didn’t expect to enjoy the app as much as I did, but after submitting my photo and making Ali in avatar form and gathering items to customize my avatar and home? I’VE BEEN HOOKED. There are options available to buy the in game gem currency and premium currency, but it’s not necessary. Obtaining a myriad of items can be done rather easily so the app doesn’t limit you from getting pretty things.

Is this a game for everyone? I HIGHLY doubt it. BUT? It’s a nice escape and a fun game that you can pick up and put down at anytime.

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