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BLAUGUST Day 7 – Don’t Stop Be “Legion”

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I purposely held out on writing this post until I heard officially what Blizzard was announcing. Now with about 23-24 hours since the reveal I think it’s safe to divulge on all the info regarding the newest World of Warcraft expansion titled “Legion”. I really want this post to be read and viewed with the utmost objectivity and neutrality so presented without comment, here’s the cinematic trailer and some bullet points on the upcoming expansion:


There’s a lot featured and proposed to be happening in “Legion” and I think above all else, I’m legitimately happy that WoW players and Blizzard enthusiasts are SUPER excited about what’s to come. I really hope that this all goes through as planned without any setbacks and that this launch brings back the player base that may have strayed away. But first….

/Calmly loosens up her apron, and gently removes a copper earring hoop from each Miqo’te ear while walking towards Blizzard.

Blizzard and the powers that be, I’m talking to you directly right now.

/Pulls you by the collar and looks you straight in the eye.

You’ve heard the concerns and feedback from the player base, and now this expansion? You reignited something in them. For all that is holy, DO NOT remove any of the featured content. Please I beg of you, deliver on the commitments you’ve featured. My time in WoW has come and gone for numerous reasons, but I know full well that there are players (many of whom I regard as dear friends of mine) that have stood in your corner despite any backlash and vitriol. I know what you are introducing to them might be something new to the franchise, but far from impossible. I know you have the best of the best IN THE INDUSTRY working on your team personally and I know those working in the company love this franchise just as much as the fans do. I know that this company can make dreams a reality.ย As the great Captain Picard once said, “Make it so.” ๐Ÿ™‚

/Lets go of the collar, politely tidies it up and flattens it out, and walks away with a smile.

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