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BLAUGUST Day 10 – A Trip Down Memory Lane

For more information on the Blaugust Initiative, you can click the link HERE and join in on the fun this month!

Happy Monday Blaugustians and the Interwebs!

Today I wanted to stay active with the Blaugust community on Anook and dive right in to the Blaugust AMA thread. Basically what we do is we write an open ended question for the Blogger above us to answer in a future post along with a link back to their blog as well.

In the thread I was asked from the awesome Paeroka of Nerdy Bookahs:

“What is the game you’ve been playing for the longest and what has made you stay/like the game for such a long time?”

Well in the reign of MMO’s I had played World of Warcraft for a pretty long time. If I recall correctly? It was about 3 to 4 years. In the current scheme of things though? Definitely I’ve been playing Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn the longest. It was probably the only MMO I actively played in its beta phase, was there for the launch, and managed to celebrate its first and soon-to-be second anniversary with.

What’s made me play the game for so long? Well, there’s quite a few things that’s kept me attached to this game. I went through a few months during the life of the game where I was MIA because I had no working computer / laptop. During that time I was busy saving every penny I could to afford a new machine and dive right back into Eorzea. Looking back on that I knew I was invested into playing this game and making Limsa Lominsa my first and only home. (Maelstrom crew where you at? ^_^)


Before I was Alisha Rue I was a bitty bitty young Arcanist by the name of Sailor Ali. I was also a Moon Keeper too! IIRC correctly my path initially was to become a Summoner since it was the closest thing to being a Beastmaster like Alicia Rue in Sword Art: Online.

Aside from the time away from the game, my FC as well as the XIV community has been one of the biggest motivations for me being proactive and sociable in the game. Guardians Reborn in a short time became a small extension of my own family. During the rough patch IRL my FC was there for me in ways I didn’t even think were possible. Many nights were sleepless ones and with that I had my FC leader listening intently as I vented and cried… a lot. S’pharin in his pre-husbando days would spend many hours with me on Mumble just telling me funny stories and sending me funny YouTube links just to distract me from being upset or bummed out, and tons of other folks in the FC would reach out to help me in game with dungeons, professions, and even just playing hide-and-seek in our housing ward just as an escape even if for a short while. Because of this, I carry such an unconditional love for the FC and would do anything for any member. GoV is a crew and a family always.

In addition the community as a whole? Well they really opened my eyes to the possibility that great people contribute to making an MMO even better. From the myriad of folks I’ve harbored and gained friendships with from Ultros and beyond? I now firmly believe that there are MMOs that exist where progression and fun can go hand-in-hand. Is it always like this? Nah we have rough moments here and there (I personally blame it on 90K) but I think a huge driving force to the popularity of XIV is in part to the people that make Eorzea alive. If that’s you? You my friend deserve a stellar high five! UP HIGH!

Plus in the alignment of the Cosmos? This game ( and the Gold Saucer in particular) was the meeting place for me and Samo-chan. Our “first date” was in the Gold Saucer on the Faerie server and it was there our Roegadyns learned the addictive habits of Triple Triad, and in the process we found a companion and partner in love with each other outside of the game.

For all these things? The cost of the sub is meaningless to me. The memories I’ve made in this game are priceless and I can carry with me all my life.

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