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BLAUGUST Day 11 – Defying the Odds

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It’s a bit gloomy today here in good ol’ Gotham, but feels like it’s the right amount of rainy to flesh out a blog post. I like coming up with posts that I’ve been wanting to speak about. Today though I dove into the Blaugust Anook community and one of the writing prompts struck a chord for me to discuss.

What was the last activity that you did that pushed you out of your comfort zone? How did it turn out?

I feel as if in many respects, XIV is the MMO that gave me a second chance. Past experiences in MMOs really gave me some reservations, fears and phobias of trying difficult tasks (for me). The three that really gave me some shaky confidence was dungeons, raiding and healing. It set such anxiety for me, I pretty much exclusively played PvP in a tanky DPS role (a.k.a Frost DK) because I couldn’t even humor the idea of stepping out of my shell. There were some other factors that played a role in this, but I’ve put that resentment to the side. The past is in the past and deserves to be left there. XIV even in its beta stages left me in such awe that I was determined to not let my fears get the best of me.

Within my new FC (now my permanent GoV family) they were super encouraging in really trying out all the classes, explaining things to me in a concise and constructive manner and really pushed me to “Git Gud” without the negativity. They gave me valuable resources of where to read up on the classes I was trying out, helped me out with crafted starter gear so I wasn’t too squishy in dungeons, and above all else? They made the experience fun. When it came time for me to finally face my first dungeon, Sastasha? I was a nervous wreck. With an FC mate taking the tanking duties, two random players on DPS and me healing as a Conjurer (yes I conquered my fear of healing, but that’s another post for another day! ^_^) we ran through Sastasha. Of course there were close wipes, there were definite wipes, bubbling crates were missed, and of course I had momentary heals in stance dances. The group was REALLY understanding though; they were understanding of my nervousness, explained things thoroughly, and I even got commendations that first go round.

Sastasha isn’t a hard dungeon by any means (especially now) but I’ll forever remember that dungeon and the experience as a whole. It’s what gave me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and it’s a constant reminder that I can try anything at least once. Now almost two years later I’ve raided up to T5 (I’ll get you Twintania when I can get time online), have completed the MSQ up to Sohm Al, and am a level 53 WHM. It’s not a huge achievement, but for me? I’m thankful for pushing past my boundaries.

5 thoughts on “BLAUGUST Day 11 – Defying the Odds

  1. I’m totally with you on this. Before I played FFXIV, I was scared to play most kinds of group content in MMOs. FFXIV told me I had to or ELSE. So I did, and I found out I wasn’t so terrible at it in the end. You’re not alone at being nervous!

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      1. I’ve played a little bit of every role – I find it helpful to know the basics what each role is doing in a group dynamic. However, I usually gravitate toward melee DPS, so my current highest class is a level 60 Dragoon. I also do a little light tanking on the side, and have a level 51 Paladin that I’m working up for when FC folks need a tank. My White Mage is only 39, but that’s because my duoing partner usually plays healer for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

        If you’ve made it to level 53, then you’re doing great! My best advice is to hang with a FC who doesn’t mind helping out with things. When I’m nervous, it helps so much to have people who aren’t going to judge me as part of my party. We can laugh mistakes off and have a good time, and I soon feel much more at ease.

        I also usually spend time watching a short video on the dungeon mechanics before I enter any new instance, that way, nothing catches me by surprise when it comes to bosses and what to expect. I don’t like running things blind, and usually if I announce to a group “Hey, I’m new to this, but I watched the video,” I find the Duty Finder folks are okay with me. There’s a number of great YouTubers who spend time putting together little 3-5 min videos for that reason, and it does so much to help me prepare for new dungeons.

        You’ve got more courage than I do to try Coil, though! I’ve chickened out of that for years. May need your advice on that one day! ^_~

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      2. Hahaha for Coil I ran that with a mixed group of FC mates as well as friends and family from other FCs on our server. Tradition has come to show that we operate at our best late, late nights so our fellow FCmates living in Australia and London can attend.

        Strategy wise? We usually have 1-2 members who have already completed the turn so they’ll give us a rundown of mechanics and then dive right in. We aim not to make mistakes, but in the same token we do it with the intention of progression and fun simultaneously. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      3. I think some folks in my FC want to take it on at an unsynced level once we all get geared up. Mostly so we can see the story in peace. I’m such a chicken! XD

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