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BLAUGUST Day 14: The Rhythm’s Already Got Me

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I feel as if more and more everyday you guys learn a little more about me per each blog post. But first? TGIF LADIES AND GENTS! The weekend is soon upon us! Gaming wise? I got some Moonfire Faire business to attend to, and a whole lot of popotoes to cook for my darling Rue! I think some YouTube vids, yummy noms, and one-on-one time with my better looking half are on the docket as well.

I wanted to kick off the weekend with something that hypes me to the point of hilarity. Considering it’s video games related I needed to share with you all a subgenre of video games that I feel is underrated, absolute awesome sauce, and is loved all over the world.


Oh yeah…. I’m talking about rhythm games. I include in this subgenre rhythm and dancing games as they kind of go hand-in-hand. If I’m not physically dancing? I’m totally tapping my foot while swiping my finger everywhere or playing a combination of buttons in sync.

Now from DDR to Bust A Groove to Project Diva, I’ve played a decent amount of these games. Couple this with my Latina racial passive of sporadic, unexpected dancing no matter where I am I can basically play these games to the point of ad nauseam. The catch? I DON’T MIND.

There’s an entire playlist in my iTunes library dedicated to just these songs, but I did want to share and start off the weekend with my five favorite songs from some of my favorite games. Maybe it’ll get you dancing in your chair or up and moving. Regardless let’s start with #5!

#5 “Butterfly on your Right Shoulder / Migikata no Chou” by Kagamine Rin (Project Diva 2)

Now I remember vividly the first time I heard this one, loved it, started dancing around and subsequently lost from not paying attention. Still? IT’S SO CATCHY.

#4 “Speed Over Beethoven” by ROSE (DDR Extreme)

I remember for sometime at my local arcade THIS was the song you played on expert to gain credibility amongst our niche DDR community of possibly 20 kids. BONUS POINTS IF YOU CLEARED IT WITH JNCO JEANS.

#3 “Captain Jack” by Captain Jack (DDR Party Collection)

If there was such a thing as “Soulmate Songs”? I’m pretty sure this is it for me and Riss. We dance to this one a lot on repeat. I was a chicken and played it on easy; Riss played it on medium. Moral of the story? Riss is the superior one with this song. ^_^

#2 “Boom Boom Dollar” by King Kong & D. Jungle Girls (Dancemania Super Classics 1)

Ok… so this video actually has no relation to the song or game but c’mon…. this is AWESOME. Out of all the DDR classics this song holds the coveted #1 spot in my heart for the IP. It gives the player the opportunity to shift them hips, really tap that floorpad hard and dance like there’s no tomorrow.

…and what is Pizzamaid’s #1 Music Video Game song of ALL TIME?!?!?

#1 “Knife of the Blue Skies / Aozora no KNIFE” by Hatsumi Morinaga (Bust a Groove)

Seriously… Kitty N is regarded as thee FIRST CATGIRL THAT STOLE MY HEART (Sorry Rue). This song would be my entrance theme when entering any room if such an opportunity was presented to me. IT’S SO GOOD. I know popular FGC YouTuber Maximilian Dood uses it for his “Boss Rage” series. C’mon Max…. please Boss Rage! Bust a Groove one of these days. Bring honor to our beloved Kitty Nakajima.

5 thoughts on “BLAUGUST Day 14: The Rhythm’s Already Got Me

  1. I never got on with the Dance games, but do enjoy games that you can play that rely on rhythm. I just got more musical talent in my fingers than my toes.
    Audio surf was good fun and more recently Crypt of the NecroDancer, I enjoy games that allow you to play your own music collection, they are most fun of all.

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      1. I have pretty broad tastes so alot of genres, with the exception of rap. On musical games I sometimes like to play new music but I enjoy going though my back catalogue. I very much enjoy VNV Nation as their style shifts between albums.

        Liked by 1 person

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