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BLAUGUST Day 15 – A Sea Wolf Family Photo Album

For more information on the Blaugust Initiative, you can click the link HERE and join in on the fun this month!

I’ve touched upon the seasonal events in past posts in XIV. I think like many popular MMO’s it’s one of my favorite features of the game. Call it a bias, but I consider XIV’s structure of seasonal events a lot of fun and a nice escape from the grind albeit it can be crowded in those parts for a few days.

Moonfire Faire marks the first holiday I’ve ever spent with Sam so with fireworks, fun in the sun, the beach, and bathing suits? OH HECK YES WE’RE GOING TO HAVE A FUN FAMILY PHOTOSHOOT. These are memories we were lucky to capture and can share in our little album of us for years to come. ๐Ÿ™‚



To kick things off after we obtained our bathing suits, Sam and Vis were quick to get their feet wet and cool down in the lovely waters of Costa del Sol. As Sea Pups, we had to flex off our bodacious biceps, but sometimes Sam can party a smidge too hard. Vis was fairly certain he was going to try and bring down a banana tree after psyching himself up for the beach day.



sam12 sam11 sam10

The weather was so warm and the water was so cool it would be a crime not to bring our chocobo babies, Ralken and Triton, out for some play time in the water. The birds themselves also got caught up in the fun and we had our moments where they got overexcited, but it was well deserved. When we’re out in battle, they protect us and carry us like a buried treasure. Very rarely do we capture fun family photos, but some of these gems were just so great, we had to post them.


It was easy to lose track of time in the midst of all the fun. We wound up spending the whole day out at the beach, but with the scenery of La Noscea we took a mental picture of gorgeous area from daybreak to sunset.



Once nightfall came upon us, we trekked back to Mist, fed the chocobos, and got them settled in for the night. They managed to catch some of the fireworks that had gone off in the distance near Limsa Lominsa, but from a day of running around and splashing us, they were tuckered out. This gave Sam and I the chance to change into something a little warmer to accommodate the chilly winds of the seas and spend some one-on-one time together.

sam6 sam5


Many within Storm Command are quick to assume that when partners become lovers, their focus on their job is tainted with invested emotions. I can say from our experience Sam and I are very much the opposite. When it comes to adventuring, combat and battle our only objectives are to do what was asked of us and watch each other’s backs. I wouldn’t even know if Sam was a charmer UNLESS we had quiet nights like this so it comforting. Just snuggling into his arms, him holding me close, us gazing into each other’s eyes…


…. and then photobombs from the newest addition to the family, Junghswys (J-Swiss for short). She’s so young that it’s not her fault that she’s so excited to enjoy fun days with Mom and Dad, but we were trying to capture a moment dearest! Hehe. We couldn’t be mad for long; she’s as cute as a button. So of course she got to snuggle up between her parents too until she drifted to sleep.


And JUST when we thought we had all the kids to sleep and could peacefully enjoy the night? IT STARTED RAINING. LLYMLAEN PLEASE! Hehe. Just like we always do though, Sam and I made the best of the situation… we snuggled up closer together, gazed upon the city, reminded ourselves what we fight for each day, and give thanks that we get to take on this adventure together and in love.


Happy Moonfire Faire 2015! โค

Sam, Vis, Ralken, Triton, and Junghswys

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