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BLAUGUST Day 22 – A Fantasy Escape from Technology

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The blog has shed a lot of insight and reflection on my life as of late. In a lot of instances, I’ve reconnected with a lot of hobbies and leisurely activities that have been absent from my lifestyle for some time. From trying out new games, finding nostalgia in genres I used to watch immensely, and picking up old gadgets that used to keep me entertained for hours.

More than ever lately I’ve been really wrapped up in the lore of fairies. From playing Scholar more in XIV, reading up on Fairy Kei fashion to just appreciating art of fairies on deviant Art in my spare time I’m heavily immersed. I think it’s the fascination that fairies in many respects are presumed as “pint sized beings bursting with happiness”. It puts me at ease and just makes me smile. I recently shared my new found interest with a fellow FC mate, Kit Ania, who also plays a Scholar and shares a deep rooted love for fairies as well.

I think I connect really well with Kit in many respects because we’re both very like minded in our ideals and how we choose to interact with people; we’re casual in our gameplay in XIV (but take our roles in healing very seriously) and always hope the general mood within our FC/server is friendly and playful. In game it’s very common for the two of us to kick back in one of our houses and catch up with girl talk, and even outside of the game we regularly text each other just so the other one knows what we’re up to in real life.

Going back and forth with her in text I had shared my allure to the subject and as expected she was doubly excited. For a bit back and forth me and her exchanged our perspectives on the view of Oberon and Titania, our own fairies Eos and Selene, and even discussed them in alternate mediums. She suggested that if I’m in the mood for fairies and wanted a good read to check out the Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa.


I’m ashamed to admit that when as a child all I would do is read, and now not so much. With chilly autumn soon approaching, scarves ready to be worn and hot pumpkin spiced latte to be consumed? Getting into a new book series sounds like the perfect idea right now. It’s listed as young adult fiction, which is a genre I’m pretty foreign to. Nevertheless I’m excited to dive right in and give it a shot. I’m excited that I can escape from the chains of my electronic devices, and really stimulate my mind with a casual fantasy book in a toasty coffee shop for a few hours.

Is there a book or series that’s recently tickled your fancy? Drop a comment and let me know!

3 thoughts on “BLAUGUST Day 22 – A Fantasy Escape from Technology

  1. There is not enough comment space to list all the books that inspired and shaped me as a child — and throughout my life.

    One thing my family did right was to encourage me to read — both my parents were voracious readers and my paternal grandparents were as well, so I had good examples. I was taught early and could read alone by the time I was 4, and the one thing I was never denied was books, regardless of subject matter and of regardless of ‘appropriate age’. Which is how I read the Hobbit when I was 8, Roots when I was 10 (a lot of it went right over my head at the time), LOTR for the first time at 11, and tried War & Peace for the first time at 13 (that didn’t work so well).

    It’s probably easier to note a few authors who have shaped me. First among those is Ursula K LeGuin, starting with her Earthsea books when I was in my tweens. She led me to a bunch of other women fantasy and SF writers (Sheri Tepper, Margaret Atwood, CJ Cherryh, Barbra Hambly…), and I still tend to those as an adult.

    I’d better stop before my comment becomes longer than your post. ๐Ÿ˜€


  2. I used to always read when I was younger too! Since leaving high school I read less and less but I’d like to get back into it. I love Tamora Pierce, Hilari Bell, Cassandra Clare, and other female fantasy writers. Eoin Colfer is my favorite male fantasy writer.

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