BLAUGUST Day 24 – The Value of Life

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You know… I was fully prepared for a post regarding NYC and its life and vigor with all the events which took place in my stomping grounds this weekend. But then— life happened.

I’m not going to go into detail, but it’s a tough pill to swallow when you get some bad news from back home. It was unexpected and… well I hope you don’t mind. This may sound like useless ramble for a post, but I’m going to make use of this blog as it was intended and let out the thoughts and emotions that I have tucked away inside right now. I apologize that it’s not filled to the brim with pictures of fun, happy things like it normally is. I’ll do my best to have something happier tomorrow.

Life and the human condition is such a valuable thing, but all too often I feel that we look past cherishing this. Real life gets in the way, stresses at work or in hobbies / activities may cloud our judgment, but if you don’t already do so please take a moment to appreciate those you have in your life and what you have even if its big or small. Friends, families, loved ones, pets; they all matter.

If he knows who he is, he’ll know that all credit is due to him for this quote. A very wise person once said,

“We all struggle with the concept of a life lost in our own ways. Over the course of our lifetime for many of us our faith surrounding death changes and melds into something that is personal for each of us.”

Whether our faith leads us to believe in a heaven, an afterlife, or a sense of reincarnation having faith in something or nothing is built into the core of our character. It can comfort us in these times of remorse; it can pick us up when the news has brought us down. It’s no secret that the essence of my being stands on the faith of belief over sight and my faith is nothing that I’m ashamed of or withhold from anybody either. I don’t need physical proof to validate that things will be alright. Much a like a child who clings to the belief of a tooth fairy or even Santa Claus? My faith is instituted on the hope that events in my lifetime, whether they be good or bad, happened when they did for a reason. Somehow someway this purpose will unveil itself to me at a later point in my life.

Perhaps this thought process stems from my childhood, and what happened to me as a kid. Sure I had my share of hardships and things occurred to me that I wouldn’t wish upon my own worst enemy. They happened though, and throughout it all? I still carry fond memories of my youth. For all those bad times, a memory remains of a hug from my mother, strength shared to me by my oldest sister, laughs I carried with the rest of my family. These moments built me as a person and my faith that even with life’s struggle things will work itself out.

I’m reiterating this to you the reader while also reminding myself. Now… now it’s time to pick myself up and dust off my shoulders. Tomorrow is another day.

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