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Well… that title is about half true.

This past Sunday marked the end of Season 3 for Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. With regards to the Blizzard franchise, D3 is probably the only game I still actively play. It’s something fun to do alone when I just want a tiny escape, and is even more fun in co-op with friends or loved ones!

Now if memory serves me right (and Samo-chan let me know if I’m wrong) I think we started leveling D3 heroes at the start of the season, or shortly after it started. Two seasons in I have still yet to effectively get a toon to 70 and gain paragons, but we got close! Sorta…

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 10.11.07 AM

For this season I decided to level up a Monk named Queen Serenity a.k.a. QNSerenity. It had been my first time really focusing on a monk, but we had a lot of fun as a Monk/Barbairan combo. That fire dong thing? The one where I right click on an enemy and a massive fire bell just splats on my enemies? That was some fun. Plus I also had as a companion a friendly water Avatar. I don’t remember what I named her, but she served her purpose well. ๐Ÿ™‚ The grind for us in the 2-3 times that we played got Braxa the Barbarian and QNSerenity the Monk up to level 51. Close, but no cigar. ๐Ÿ™‚

This upcoming season though? GIRL’S GOT GOALS!

My hope is that in this go round I can successfully hit level 70 and obtain paragons with a class I hold near and dear to my heart. the Wizard. To date in my Diablo career, my Wizard is still my highest leveled class so I’m really hoping to make this happen along with my partner-in-crime and future Crusader Samo-chan. I even conjoured up the prettiest name for her in lieu of my current interests. Want to take a guess to her name? Let me know in the comments.

Plus my biggest goal was brought to my attention when reading up online about the newest item sets. They are implementing some new sets and updated some classics. GLAMOUR AND ARMOR WILL FOREVER BE MY END GAME AND I WANT TO EARN THIS SET LIKE SOMETHING FIERCE:

Are you going join fellow gamers around the world and bring civility back to Tristram? If so what do you plan on playing?


  1. I’ve blogged a bunch about D3 this Blaugust (like this one about the end of s3 and my plans for s4:, and I’m so TOTALLY EXCITED to get into season four.

    I mainly played a HC Crusader in s3, and a Monk is my Softcore “main”, so I’ve decided I’m going to be playing a Witch Doctor on Hardcore, and just seeing where the new Season Journey thing takes me. Like you, I really want to get some of the new sets, so I’ll be playing very cautiously, probably not anything higher than Torment I / II until I get some nice skins unlocked!

    There’s so much new cool stuff arriving in 2.3.0, I can’t wait to get started. Good look in your season’s journey!

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      1. I don’t claim to be the best d3 player in the world, but what I tend to do is play on Normal until I have an item in every slot (don’t forget the blacksmith, especially early on), then move up to Hard or Expert to get some bonus XP. I try to get the difficulty as high as possible where I’m still able to kill regular mobs in one or two signature attacks — any slower than that and the extra time it takes to kill things negates the bonus XP. Beware the difficulty bump as you head into Act V. I usually get to Master difficulty in the late game, level 50 onwards.

        I blow through the story campaign as quick as possible, not doing side-stuff, often not even bothering to clear dungeons. Typically I run past everything and just kill champion packs and everyone else who happens to still be chasing me and who get in the crossfire. As soon as I finish the story, I switch to running Bounties instead. Once RoS items and gems start dropping (level 60+) and I have most of a full set, I’ll start doing Nephalem Rifts. At around 3k DPS I’ll give Torment I a go (very cautiously, if I’m playing HC).

        When spending your Paragon points, +Resist All and +Movement Speed (caps at 25% between item bonus and paragon points) are your friends for Torment. Seems like +resist all is worth way more than bonus health or armour.

        Also; if you’re not playing on HC, I’d really recommend this great article, it totally changed the game for me ๐Ÿ˜€

        Yikes. Sorry for the huge comment!

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    1. Ok so…

      1. I knew you would know when we started. I legitimately couldn’t remember.
      2. I did use the wind ally. She looked like a water ally so that’s what I assumed many many times.
      3. DAT’S NOT MY NAME!
      4. ….. you’re cute. โค


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