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Introducing This Fall’s Newest Sweetheart

So while Blaugust held a predominant focus on the blog during August I was busy most evenings (every other Friday to be precise) where I had the afternoon into late evening to work on some other mini projects which coincide with the blog. One of them was streaming. Since the inception of Twitch and FFXIV… Continue reading Introducing This Fall’s Newest Sweetheart


Luchas and Travel and Boyfriend OH MY!

Finally!!! It’s been a week since I’ve lasted posted. My beloved Internet…. FORGIVE ME! /grovels Let’s just consider this a mini vacation. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have been away and apologize for the delay in posting this. Last week up until today has been a total whirlwind of excitement and fun! I finally wanted to sit down… Continue reading Luchas and Travel and Boyfriend OH MY!

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I’ve Come, I’ve Arrived, I Conquered, and I Anooked!

I— I feel like I got the best report card and posted it on my Mom’s digital refrigerator. I really did it. I just keep looking at it. So shiny….. Being notorious for starting something and never finishing it there was a lot I wanted to prove to myself. I wanted to prove that from… Continue reading I’ve Come, I’ve Arrived, I Conquered, and I Anooked!

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Garlean Glamour: The “She-Wench” Set

Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m just a few days shy of the Mister finally arriving on my stomping grounds, but I wanted to post a fun little project I whipped up. In an exchange of tweets with some of the lovely ladies in Greysky Armada, Nephsys and Chestnut, we realized that: There’s a lack of FFXIV… Continue reading Garlean Glamour: The “She-Wench” Set