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Garlean Glamour: The “She-Wench” Set

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I’m just a few days shy of the Mister finally arriving on my stomping grounds, but I wanted to post a fun little project I whipped up.

In an exchange of tweets with some of the lovely ladies in Greysky Armada, Nephsys and Chestnut, we realized that:

  1. There’s a lack of FFXIV Glamour Site Databases that exist. I know for a fact that there are Tumblrs and mini sites that focus solely on this, but there’s no big database that gives us the option of creating previewed glamour sets.
  2. Themed glamour sets? They exist, but rarely are they seen.
  3. Glamour still remains to be my true end game.
  4. We need more Roegamonks in this world.

So? As me and Nephsys were discussing Roegamonks I wanted to put together a set that bore strong resemblance to one of her favorite comic characters, and a tough little cookie in the Marvel world, She-Hulk! Here’s what I came up with!

Recipe #1: The “She-Wench” Set

From…   CAgZMjXU0AAhaVq

To…        Kotobukiya-She-Hulk-Bishoujo-Statue-001

*Please note the items compiled are primarily for Monks and/or DoW classes. Not all pieces can be duplicated but resembled as best possible*

Weapon: Here I leave this option open to the player. These can be hidden or visible by selecting the weapon button in the character window for you. ^_^

Head: The Emperor’s New Hat

Body: Amateur’s Doublet Vest dyed in Regal Purple

Hands: Cotton Halfgloves dyed in Regal Purple

Waist: N/A

Legs: Southern Seas Tanga dyed in Regal Purple

Feet: Ash Pattens dyed in Snow White or Pure White (Some variants also have this dyed as Regal Purple. Your preference ^_^)

Off Hand: N/A

Neck: The Emperor’s New Necklace

Ears: The Emperor’s New Earrings

Wrists: The Emperor’s New Bracelet 

Left Ring: The Emperor’s New Ring

Right Ring: The Emperor’s New Ring

If there’s a themed glamour set you’re looking to compile or a glamour set to match a specific in game item or weapon and need assistance? LET ME KNOW! You can drop me a line via e-mail at HMIC[AT]pizzamaid[DOT]moe

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