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I’ve Come, I’ve Arrived, I Conquered, and I Anooked!


I— I feel like I got the best report card and posted it on my Mom’s digital refrigerator. I really did it. I just keep looking at it. So shiny…..

Being notorious for starting something and never finishing it there was a lot I wanted to prove to myself. I wanted to prove that from start to finish I could complete something. I wanted to prove to myself that I could create quality content for folks to read and enjoy, and above all else? I wanted to prove to myself that my voice does resonate.ย I’ve always been akin to listening and I’m a really good listener. conveying my thoughts fluidly and clearly though? ย It gets jumbled from the thought process to the execution. Because of that I tend to either keep insanely quiet, or just mutter and ramble to myself. Finally though? I feel as if I found my voice, Little Mermaid style.


Thank you again to Belghast, Lonrem, Anook and all of this year’s participants and supporters for making this a successful year! Without a doubt I intend on signing up again next year and between now and then I aim to continue regular posting. Will it be a daily thing? I’m going to do my best to try, but real life can get in the way sometimes and that’s okay. I do know for sure that this coming Labor Day weekend I’ll be disconnected from the Interwebs with Samochan enjoying NYC, a Lucha tournament, the proper etiquette of eating an Oreo with milk, and tons of cuddles. I promise I’ll be in full swing on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week with all the happenings, photos and videos I can collect. ๐Ÿ™‚

SPEAKING OF WHICH (I make no promises that this is a good segue)

I know I met a lot of new folks from their respected blogs as well as followers on Anook who would read the posts and drop a comment. There’s no time like the present so I’m proud to announce:


I’m out to start a revolution, and in that revolution there will be a militia… of maids! If you’d like to continue following my adventures in games online and more, feel free to join the Pizzamaid’s Maid Militia on Anook! It’s still in its infancy and I’m working on trying to get the designs and features tweaked just right, but anyone can be a Pizza Maid and here’s your chance to join and serve slices of fun to the Internet!

2 thoughts on “I’ve Come, I’ve Arrived, I Conquered, and I Anooked!

  1. I’m now an official Pizza Maid in your Nook! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I thought about making a nook for my blog, too, but I usually post all my blog posts right on my account anyhow, so I wondered if that would be redundant. You’ll have to tell us how it works out!

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