Luchas and Travel and Boyfriend OH MY!


It’s been a week since I’ve lasted posted. My beloved Internet…. FORGIVE ME!


Let’s just consider this a mini vacation. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have been away and apologize for the delay in posting this. Last week up until today has been a total whirlwind of excitement and fun! I finally wanted to sit down and detail all the fun happenings of this past Labor Day weekend complete with pictures, TYPING IN CAPS, hearts and smiles.



This was our first photo together! After a year (Two years?) of being friends and after a few months of deciding to level up to a couple? I finally got to be in his arms, and it’s the best place ever. We constantly joke on Twitter with me asking him if he could ship himself in a box wrapped in a bow. Last Thursday? He finally fulfilled my wish and jumped on a jetplane and arrived… with a bow affixed to his shirt. It was cute!

We were in a bit of a pickle the 48 hours prior to his arrival with our hotel situation, but just a few hours shy of his arrival? helped us out with their problem and set us up in a really nice hotel room in the heart of New York City…. Times Square! I was really excited about this because this gave me the chance to show him the area at night, and what the heart of this city is all about. ๐Ÿ™‚ After settling into the hotel room, we decided to take a long walk through Times Square and all the way to Chelsea to enjoy a late night dinner at a quaint little diner I constantly frequent. Even in the glitz and glamour of the music business and living in NYC, I really enjoy low key comforts like breakfast for dinner, and laughs with this guy. The next day? WE GOT TO GEEK OUT IN NYC.


First? Was breakfast. Now I don’t frequent Times Square all that much unless I have friends in town that want to visit. So to find a HUGE Starbucks with this…. photo dongle? Yeah we had to try it out!




Next we decided to head up towards Rockefeller so we could check out the Nintendo store. If you go in the mornings? It’s relatively quiet. We scoped out some new games and consoles, and I managed to get my hands on the game Splatoon to try out. OH MY GOD. THAT GAME IS SO MUCH FUN. And? As an added bonus is a shooter-esque type game that doesn’t make me sick while playing. I’m going to assume it’s because it’s 3rd person based. I think without a doubt the need to get a Wii U is now in my future just so I could play more and enjoy this game!



We then walked our way back down to Times Square to go scope out Toys R Us and Midtown Comics. It was fun for me and Samo-chan to get lost in the toy store and enjoy the buzz and excitement for Force Friday! Was Toys R Us packed? Yeah it was and it was cool of them to have displays all over the store showcasing the original product release of the old Kenner toy lines in conjunction with the new toys made available. I always have a blast at Midtown Comics and Samo-chan did too to a degree. We aimlessly got lost in the Gundam section.


And then? I had to do my due diligence as a girlfriend and an HMIC. PIZZA!


Now there’s a LOT of places to choose from. In the end though I decided on Patsy’s near Union Square. it worked out well considering it put us in close proximity to another beloved comic shop of mine, Forbidden Planet. Secondly? It was HOT outside that Friday. Sitting inside in the AC enjoying a good slice? We were pretty happy. So after a little more perusing around NYC we then hopped on a train and made our way back to my home state, Pennsylvania.


I plan and calculate my life an awful lot, but I didn’t think things through that in the first meeting for me and Samo-chan he was ALSO meeting my whole family. For a guy that can be a little overwhelming and somewhat intimidating? Thankfully though, my family fell for him, Mommicus Prime included. That woman loves to cook for new visitors and Sam was no exception. She made him her specialty meat and cheese empanadas when we arrived and the next day we got some arroz con gandules (Rice with pigeon peas), pernil (roast pork tenderloin with a homemade gravy) and fresh Haas avocado slices. We ate well. Thank you again for visiting honey—- my Mom never cooks like this for me unless I bring a good guy home.

We got the morning and the afternoon to relax at the house, play some video games (I beat him in MKX with my Ethereal Mileena against his Possessed Kenshi!) and then off we went for some wrasslin’!

The Formation of the Chikara Army!

Now as backstory, Sam and I kinda fell for each other in our beginnings over watching Lucha Underground. I explained to him back in my college years my guy friends and I would spend many a Monday evenings eating wings and watching Monday Night Raw. Most times afterwards a few of us would stick around our friend Beefstew’s house and watch old El Santo films or watch old videos of past Chikara Pro events since Chikara was native to us Pennsylvanians. So with King of Trios happening about an hour away from my family’s house, we decided it would be perfect for our first dates to attend nights 2 and 3 of the event!






Now I want to go into FULL detail on Chikara, King of Trios and Luchadors BUT?! That will be saved for a future post this coming weekend.

Again thank you Samo-chan for an amazing weekend and your unconditional love. We’ll be reunited again soon. โค

And to YOU readers! I’m back to the posting business! Please note though that on Friday, September 11th, 2015 there will be no Pizza Maid posts and I’ll be going radio silent on Twitter in observance of 9/11. The event that happened 14 years ago is something that still resonates amongst us New Yorkers and to pay our respects I know some others try to pay reverence to those we lost and those that are still grieving. I hope that you’ll understand. โค

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