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I—- I need to blog. Today and last week as a whole has been a whirlwind and I haven’t had the chance to actually vent and just—- release the overwhelming feeling inside. I missed you my beloved blog!

/somehow tries to manage to hug a blog

I’m really sorry for the delay in posting. Now that summer is over my busy season is underway. With that, my workload doubles and triples, and then I begin to start hyperventilating until I regain composure and get jingles done.

Does this mean I’ve strayed away from gaming and the like? Quite the contrary. I accomplish so much more so I can escape the frustrations work puts on my mind. Here’s a rundown on what I’ve been up to lately:ย 


Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 12.14.31 PM

It has been done! With the help of Samo-chan, Rue is OFFICIALLY LEVEL 70! Surprisingly this go round for us as a WD / Crusader combo leveling was a breeze. It honestly probably would’ve happened sooner, but we mainly play games on the weekends so in about 3-4 sessions we tackled Chapters I, II, and III for the seasonal journeys. Now? I got my work cut out for me. Going to have to run some greater solo rifts to check off on my seasonal journey to-do list. I also am gunning for that kitten mojo and hamburger offhand because? Well because that’s bloody amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚


If you say that one like the popular quote “JEEWWWSSSSS INNNN SPACEEEEE” it just sounds more epic.

In an earlier post I wrote during Blaugustย , I mentioned the prospect of diving back into Wildstar as it’s soon returning to free-to-play. This past weekend I re-installed the game, treated myself to a month’s subscription, and brought Pizza Maids into space:

photoย photo (1)

This one on the left here is of my Aurin Spellslinger, named Alisha Rue. She pew pews things.

Then I created one to level on my Twitch stream with viewers. I’ve recently gotten back into the swing of streaming and the folks enjoy Pizza Maid the Ninja so much, I made a close counterpart in Wildstar as well. She’s a Stalker. If they won’t give me daggers then I’ll just have to accept claws. ๐Ÿ™‚

For those interested in playing I’m on the Entity server if you’d like to be friends and hang out!

The Secret of Pizza Maids


So to anyone on the blog or stream had been following the adventures of the lovely Hellsguard Roegadyn, Pizza Maid, (and yes that’s lore appropriate! Pizza is a flower in my heart.) was going down the winding path of becoming a possible Summoner / Scholar. While I forever love my magical girls… Rue can do that as is. I wanted Pizza Maid to be different, like a DPS role for starters. So I handed back my grimoire, and took up the daggers and joined the Sisters of Edelweiss:

As funny as it sounds? The more I play Pizza Maid, the more I’m fleshing out her identity. More often than not, she’s actually not a catgirl, but a pixelated version of myself, and she’s a ninja. I feel as if I’m slowly discovering a personal life goal. LOL.

The FGC tackles Terraria!ย 

This is actually an older video of Samo-chan’s, but it’s very informative!

Weeks and weeks back Sam and I started playing Terraria together so we could do something fun together quietly after a busy and hectic work week. He suggested we try the game out and was kind enough to gift it to me on Steam so me and him could play together. I completely forgot to take screenshots of our current world in game, but the handyman that Sam is? Our house is beautiful. Plus? I even started a project of our own cultivating a tiered garden so we can have an ample supply of flowers that we need for some potions and crafting items. All in all we both love the game as something simple and quiet to do. I’m still getting the hand of WASD movement (my fingers don’t compute!) but all in all we’re really making our digital house a home!

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