Video Games

Lt. Morales ROLL OUT


I had to start this post with some excitement!

I’m not a huge fan of MOBAs, but I’m capable of playing them without being a hot mess. When Heroes of the Storm first launched in Alpha, I was fortunate enough to get in and mechanics wise? The game is fun. It’s instructions are easy enough and the objective is laid out in a suitable fashion. The con? Well… I enjoy the Blizzard heroes and archetypes implemented, but I wasn’t in love with them. I never really found a character I saw aesthetically intriguing or appealing so I was a bit meh…


WAT?! There’s a Latina medic I can play! This is AMAZI— the White Mage curse strikes again. But it’s cool! I don’t mind!

I mentioned it yesterday only because it’s a rarity when I do come across it but there’s a lack of Latina representation in game. Normally it doesn’t bother me because when I play character creator games; I can always just give my girls the signature caramel skin. I will say in most games you’ll find a male or female of South American or Brazilian influence, which is fine but I CAN AT LEAST IMAGINE LT. MORALES IS A PUERTO RICAN HENCE SHE’S JUST LIKE ME. Is it a deal breaker for me trying out other games? Of course not, but I’m excited for once at the prospect of a mini Terran me running around and healing folks, and maybe one day going to Blizzcon and even cosplaying as her. This is a minute detail, but it makes all the more significance for a young Latina woman like me.

Thanks Blizzard for making me feel like part of a game for once. 🙂

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