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Christmas came early this year

Yes, oh yes it did!

So this morning I’m starting the day from the comfort of my home with a day off. I’m really excited about it and doing my damndest not to touch a single work email or handle any business and really truly RELAX. This time of the year is always my most stressful so I’m trying to combat it as best possible without losing my sanity. ๐Ÿ™‚ But little gems along the way are helping. For instance?

Someone is cosplaying as the HMIC, Alisha Rue.

I repeat—


My best friend oceans away in Seoul, Riss Vandal, is in prep mode for both the Seoul Comic Con as well as Halloween so a few nights ago she reached out to let me know she was getting materials together to pull together a costume of Rue with some obvious minor tweaks in its adjustment. I was elated! This morning I woke up to find this:


I LOVE IT! In Rue’s Eorzean life expectancy she’s had a few drawings and drafts as fan art, but for a cosplay? This is surely the first! Thank you so much Riss for taking Rue out of Eorzea and now into Seoul! You’ve done an HMIC proud!!! โค



In other news as well…

Come A Little Closer with Oh My Girl


I was going through my usual run through of news across the Internet and stumbled upon a story on All KPop about a rookie girl band by the name of Oh My Girl. Typically my interest is piqued by girl bands, namely A Pink and Girl’s Generation, but this band specifically? They thought outside of the box, and their choreography was created to take the form of several zodiac signs in their formations as shown through an overhead video:

For me the takeaway for an amazing KPop band is one part song and one part dance. They won me over with a neat idea like this.

More over with an idea like this? I was compelled to check out the video and song, and I’m so glad I did. I love their voices when in harmony, YooA is JUST THE CUTEST, and the video? Aesthetically its wrapped up in this whole package of whimsy fantasy, and beauty. You can check out the full length video here:

Is it just me? Or does Fall and Halloween just feel like its in full swing already? ๐Ÿ™‚

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