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EXO Making Waves and K-Pop Saves

Before we proceed any further EXO-Ls…. I’M SORRY. I don’t know if Tao is still in the current roster BUT I REALLY LIKED THIS PHOTO! My apologies. 🙂

It’s happened. It was long overdue, but its finally happened. EXO has announced they’ll be playing the US in February 2016 as notated on Reddit and the MyMusicTaste video below:

Now I’m writing this piece as both a fan of K-Pop, and as an individual who’s been working in the music industry for the last eight years. My experience predominantly hails from mainly NA based artists, but I do work with clients outside of NA territory and carry a base knowledge on the music industry in the West.


*Please note that this post is being updated and content is being added to the recent 12/8 announcement of the cities EXO is being performed in. *

Now this post was actually written a few days back when it was first announced that EXO was coming to North America. With the height of K-Pop fandom rising from the recent trends of INFINITE and Big Bang, CL and her solo efforts, and K-Pop artists collaborating with notable artists like Missy Elliott it made sense that this would happen. I’ll be forward to admit that I’m not an EXO-L  because I still am just starting to learn about both the band and their music, but I can definitely respect those who are. They show an unfaltering dedication to the band and genre as a whole. 🙂

Now this is my understanding of the MMT situation in part with the cities chosen: In conjunction with My Music Taste, fans of EXO could nominate and vote for their respected city to host the band at a venue there. Following the announcement of the cities where EXO would be playing (NYC, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Vancouver) it was refuted that Atlanta had a strong showing ranking in #2 of the votes yet the city was not chosen.

Because of this? MMT made a public statement regarding the city announcement:

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 6.35.23 PM.png

I want to make a few points not as a Head Maid in Charge, but rather as a someone who works in this business for a living:

I think MMT made a bold statement in their decision to revoke the benefits and refund across the board. I think to truly show the integrity and character of the company, I’m mixed on my thoughts as to whether this was an optimal business decision so I can only say that this was a bold statement.

Secondly? I think it was misconstrued to how much weight MMT has in making the selection of venues. Looking at the markets announced? I can honestly say the markets they chose are primary markets with venues that have bigger attendance caps to fit larger audiences than others. If the city in question is Atlanta? In my honest opinion, I would not be surprised if Vancouver might have been selected over Atlanta to accommodate both North America and Canada in their first run.

Finally and most importantly? There’s a million other factors that I’m sure may have played a role in this decision because to plan a 5 city tour there’s a lot of little details put into consideration. From overheads, to actual venue stage plots or sound boards that may not have handled what they’re bringing with them overseas, to radial clauses? There’s a LOT to be considered when routing a tour with only 5 shows.

This EXO fandom and those included in it is so amazing in my eyes where they are united in one front and band together, that it’s sad to see squabbles erupting amongst the fandom because of the cities announced. I’m really excited that they’re finally making a touring debut stateside because once they’re here their probability of returning is very likely.

I confidently believe that if everyone shows support for one another (both band and the fans going to see them) I think you can see the band return back to North America and Canada and with a whole new round of cities to visit thanks to the world of the Internet coupled with geo-specific tracking and analytics.

So… this is my way of saying please don’t be sad or angry anymore (I always get bummed when I see such nice people are sad or angry). Please smile. Now that this opportunity has opened, the door remains swung open for them to return again and again and everyone will see them so long as you continue to support them.



2 thoughts on “EXO Making Waves and K-Pop Saves

  1. It is so cool that they’re going on a tour in NA, I can’t under why people get angry. Finally something awesome and yber cool happens and people get angry over the fact that their city didn’t get picked, boggles my mind :/
    Oh well, I hope they have EU tour at some point so I could try and attend 🙂

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