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Christmas Came Early This Year: An Open Letter to my Love

Hey you.

No… not the Gundam model next to you. I’m talking to you! 🙂

Listen I’m not the best at conveying my emotions. I’m usually best by showing how I feel with my actions or cracking some bad jokes and puns, but you deserve to know a lot of things.

First and most importantly? The parasite growing in my abdomen (you know H.R. Giger Jr.)? He’s MAD PISSED you’re not even giving him a candy cane. He straight up called you a pirate bastard, whatever that means. Hehe. Okay okay; I got the one joke I wanted out of my system.

All joking aside though? I’m really excited to be celebrating Christmas with you for the first time this year. In a lot of respects though, I think I was already given the big Christmas present back in April of this year. To learn that someone in this world with a sense of humor, unconditional love and support, supreme intelligence, and protection by mental means exists? I would’ve called you a damn liar (almost positive at some point I did). I had written off a lot of things in my life just before we got to talking. I had mentally accepted that living a life alone wouldn’t be so bad and just like before I knew I could take care of myself in the areas of my life where I needed to be provided both physically and emotionally so I was set running life solo. Then you came around… and spelled a whole lot of things incorrectly.

Truthfully, I thought maybe you were just a bad speller, and that was fine. Maybe you thought the sun would come out “toorrow”, when someone loses their job they’re “fird”, etc. To then learn that you were nervous around me? I thought “Well shit. I intimidated someone else yet again.” And then… THE DM. You hit me straight in the heart with a love that will never leave me nor forsake me… pizza. 🙂 I’m so sorry I made you wait so long in a response. I really was in FFXIV running a dungeon! Haha.

The memories we’ve formed, the laughs that we’ve shared, the traditions that we’ve started together? Those are the presents under the Christmas tree this year I’m so thankful for. I’m thankful for your sense of urgency to stop me from crying  after watching a scary video game that you showed me Sailor Moon. All the times we’ve worked together on those Drunk Dablo nights? I have smiles that would leave a permanent expression on my face. And your embrace when sleeping next to you coupled with your kisses and cuddles? There’s nothing in this world that completes me more than you by my side.

I tell you I love you, I appreciate you, and I respect you a whole lot. BUT? I never tell you something you really need to hear, and I sincerely apologize for that.

Thank you.

Thank you for just being you and never straying from that. Thank you for being the man of my dreams and more than what I expected. Thank you for making me laugh and sometimes being so happy it brings happy tears to my eyes. Thank you for teaching me how to build Gundams and helping me fall in love with new hobbies. For supporting my goals and dreams? Thank you. I’m forever grateful to have you in my life.

p.s. Makoto is still better than Juri ❤

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