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Second Chances, Life Changes, and YOU!

TGIFRIDAYYYYYSSSSSSSSS! Thank the Twelve it’s Friday! 🙂 Today’s post is going to be brief, but taking a look at this week as a whole I just wanted to get a few bytes of info out there. First off? HELLO NEW READERS!!! ^.^ This week alone I made tons of new friends who have started following… Continue reading Second Chances, Life Changes, and YOU!

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A Reunion with my “Sweet Prince”

You know I had been meaning to write up this post for sometime. Since the inception and humble beginnings of Heroines of the Cherry Blossom I had briefly discussed my introduction into otomes. I’m glad that I remembered it vividly but I REALLY wanted to show you how it opened my eyes from the get… Continue reading A Reunion with my “Sweet Prince”

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When Otomes and Neko Atsume Have a Love Child…

No really! It’s true! Let me backtrack for a second. Since giving my notice at work and preparing for the move in a week, gaming hasn’t been on the forefront of my mind like it normally is. Really the bulk of games I have played have been otomes on the PS Vita (Code:Realize), otomes on… Continue reading When Otomes and Neko Atsume Have a Love Child…