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The Year of the Blog

Hehehe… could you imagine that? Instead of the “Year of the Ox” or the “Year of the Horse” we started attaching other things like blogs, Facebook likes or Tindr swipes?

…. On second thought let’s forget that thought even crossed my mind.

Happy New Year everyone! 2016 is upon us and this year is already a whirlwind for me! I have so much happening and so much going on in these last few days alone. The forthcoming days also have a lot happening too. I’m doing my best from freaking out, and remind myself to take a lot of deep breaths too where I can. Does this mean a hiatus for Quite the contrary.

When I first started this blog it was done with the intent to document my farewell to the 20’s and welcome to the 30’s and all points in between and beyond. To think in just 7 short months so much happened! Now there’s a lot of life changes coming up on the horizon so I want to be sure to document it all.

I’m not one for resolutions because I’m notorious for losing the drive to follow through about three months in, but I will say that I do have goals in mind for both myself and the future of

Regular Posting

Yes. In the small time of PM’s inception I’ve surrounded myself with a wonderful community of bloggers. Many of which are regular posters that deliver 1-2 posts A DAY. So looking up to some of my fellow bloggers like Belghast and Murf, I’m hoping I can produce regular, meaningful content each day. I know I can successfully produce a month’s worth of work with thanks to Blaugust, so here’s hoping I can keep that going into the New Year.

Putting a Face To The Name

GUYSSSSSSSSSS. I’m still working on that one. From the inspiration of people like Danny Choo and his muse Mirai Suenaga, I’d like to get a blog mascot locked in. As of right now most folks associate my lovely Alisha Rue as the Pizza Maid, which she is some respects. But? Pizza Maid isn’t just a blog about FFXIV anymore and I learned that with time, patience, content, and all the activities I’m involved in. It’s an online alias and persona. One that covers not only FFXIV, but also otomes, Korean skincare, cosplaying, anime, and a whole lot more. At this rate I’m about ready to take the first fanart commission that’s sent to me and making it work.

Truly this isn’t a super complicated thing, but I let myself sweat the small stuff like this. That’s my nature as a human being and a nerdo.

Covering More Content

It’s true. With the recent announcement of co-hosting Heroines of the Cherry Blossom, game play with SWTOR and Unison League and diving back into cooking there’s so much I can’t wait to tell and show you guys! I’m still just me, Ali, but man I can’t wait to post some articles on product reviews of the Etude House Wonder Pore skincare line, building a nomadic podcasting rig, and recipes to win a man’s heart through his stomach.

Interacting Via Stream And Vlog

YES. This is one I’ve been getting my feet wet with since September I’d say? I learned through trial and error how to stream and vlog online, build a mini community within my channels, and connect to folks far and wide by way of video games. I love it so much I’m so excited to dive back into it (Once I’m settled in *hint hint*) Will there be a consistent stream schedule? You betcha. Will CBHeroines be returning to it’s same Bat Time, same Bat Channel? Yup. Will I be vlogging on YouTube about skincare? That’s the plan.

Other resolutions include buying a maid dress and wig for upcoming pen and paper RPG events (and possibly even for livestream). For now though? That’s a pretty hefty plate of things to do on top of the real life stuff I am tackling. Am I nervous? Absolutely not. In so many ways I feel as if I have a second chance for a lot of things so I’m excited for what 2016 has in store for me and the blog. My hope is that you’ll continue to pop on, and check out all the happenings!

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