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When Otomes and Neko Atsume Have a Love Child…

No really! It’s true!

Let me backtrack for a second. Since giving my notice at work and preparing for the move in a week, gaming hasn’t been on the forefront of my mind like it normally is. Really the bulk of games I have played have been otomes on the PS Vita (Code:Realize), otomes on the iPizzaPhone (Shall We Date?’s War of Prayers) and then… this happened.

In recent weeks / months one of the more popular mobile apps friends and I have been playing is the popular Neko Atsume. Neko Atsume is a cat collecting game developed by Hit-Point for iOS and Android. In a similar vein, another mobile app was introduced called Notice Me Senpai! As the head of your own café, you design and position an inventory of items and different coffee varieties to attract newcomers to your establishment. From the Nerd Senpai, Izumi, to the Delinquent Senpai, Wakatoshi, to the ever elusive Goat Senpai, Baa (clearly they know of the animal otome demographic) there’s a myriad of tropes and guys to come into your establishment and with time? Develop feelings for all you HMIC’s out there.

Ask me how excited I was when I first picked up this game. G’head; ask me.



For starters, this game is FREE. And right now? Free is me. Secondly? There is no micro transaction system implemented into this game. So with time here and there, dedication, and a proper management of the resources made available, you can grow, build and expand your business (and possibly even your heart) with the tools presented to you. To you city slickers that are looking for games to play while during your work commute on the bus or in the abyss of underground subway systems with no access to wifi? Fear not. This game can STILL be played.


Each Senpai comes with their own description, the option to give them a personal nickname once feelings develop, and after your heart meter expands? They’ll send you in lieu of a cat memento a guest note. Eventually? Once you’ve claimed their heart? They’ll let you know… IN CG FORM. Out of respect for my fellow Heroines I will not be releasing CGs. I’ll let them warm your heart instead. ❤


I’ve had this game for about… a week now? In that time up until this post was published, I’ve collected 13 of the 20 Senpais, 2 out of 25 CGs, and 3 out of the 20 possible Guest Notes. The game released on 1/13 and is available now on Android and iOS. I think for newcomer and veteran otome players this is a great edition and just plain fun.

4 thoughts on “When Otomes and Neko Atsume Have a Love Child…

  1. I just started this game and it’s absolutely perfect for the casual gamer! I especially have a long commute to and from school every week so this is perfect for that so far I just have the 1 senpai, though.


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