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Second Chances, Life Changes, and YOU!


Thank the Twelve it’s Friday! ๐Ÿ™‚

Today’s post is going to be brief, but taking a look at this week as a whole I just wanted to get a few bytes of info out there.

  1. First off? HELLO NEW READERS!!! ^.^ This week alone I made tons of new friends who have started following this Pizza Maid and her adventures. For that? *maid bow* Thank you kindly. I’m so excited when I get the opportunity to meet friends online from new places and different walks of life. I’m so excited to read what’s going on in your world while I share mine with you as well! โค
  2. Oh man! I’ve got some big things happening in the works myself! Next week marks my final week living in New York City and working in the music industry. So while the moving part is done? I’m still going to be nomadic next week crashing at friends’ apartments and tying up loose ends at work before my departure. What does this mean? Well probably a week without posts. I’ll try to schedule some over the weekend as best I can, but I have no guarantee I’ll be able to. I promise I’ll be back up and running once I’m settled in back in Pennsylvania (or New Gridania as I like to affectionately call it).
  3. With the week’s absence coming up I want to bring the readers’ to the forefront and open the floor of the cafรฉ with you guys! Is there anything on the blog you’d like me to cover? Would you like to see a blog posted on the site? Any topics you want covered? Let me know! You can leave your response in the comments below or you can drop me an email at HMIC [AT] PIZZAMAID [DOT] MOE. ๐Ÿ™‚

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