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The Return to Gridania!

I-I had to. I laughed way too hard when I first saw this!

So this is officially my first post as a returning resident of Pennsylvania (or Gridania as I like to call it). 🙂

Last week was a complete whirlwind from start to finish. Tying up loose ends in the workplace and saying goodbye to my work family while being a real Warrior of Light and crashing from pad to pad for a week, and then partying and celebrations (plus a surprise visit from my brother) last night? Sleep was for the meek, but I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am to be home and in the company of my family and a sky full of stars. Both my heart and my head are at peace. The next steps in this adventure are underway and there’s a lot of challenges ahead. With the strength and comfort of my family, friends and better half at my side I know anything is possible.

I’ve already started planning a weekly regimen to both build myself up mentally and physically. I feel in so many respects that I’m on a fresh slate so I fully intend on breaking into some new patterns and habits to keep myself disciplined with a clear head, and to dig in deeper with the leisurely hobbies that I love. One of these things is this blog.

The goal in mind is a post a day. I know it’s not impossible as I pulled it out for the entire month of August in conjunction with Blaugust so I hope I can do it again and provide real quality content. I noticed when I did my weekly recap of posts and content, I picked up A LOT of new readers with regards to otomes and visual novels. I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how much this makes my heart smile as I have so much I want to share on the games that I’ve been playing! I can’t wait to share more!

In addition? I will resume streaming again on Twitch this week! The goal in mind is Sunday and Tuesday nights. Times are still TBA, but hopefully I’ll have those solidified with the quickness! After a lot of thought and deliberation, I’m going to switch gears on the HMIC as a White Mage and being back home on my native stomping grounds? I think I’m going to channel my love for the constellations and give Astrologian a shot! 🙂

And speaking of stars? This country girl is reuniting with the starry skies so I’m going to make use of my minimal budget, buy myself a notebook, and begin documenting some weekly star chart reports with the constellations! Anyone who knows me knows that my ultimate nerd love of life is looking up star charts and going constellation hunting year round! I’m a few weeks behind for 2016 already, but I’m interested in seeing through documented research how many constellations I can find and record, and by year’s end figure out which constellations I saw the most. As silly as it sounds? It’s one of my favorite things to do EVER!


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