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Bringing Honor to the Hongmoon Maid Clan

In the land of FFXIV, we’ve got a great 3.2 patch coming up on the horizon. A lot of folks of been a bit tuckered out by the madness that is Alexander Savage so it was perfect timing for Blade and Soul to come out when it did.

Blade and Soul is a Korean fantasy martial-arts massively MMO game developed by NCSOFT (Team Bloodlust). It’s already a few years old since it’s 2012 release in the East, but back in 2015 it was announced that it would reach stateside. With an anime in tow to the game’s inception in Japan, there’s a lot of wood burning the flames here and from everyone’s immediate excitement and response to the game? I had to check it out for myself.

As the story states, you are a promising student, you train your skills in the relative peace of the Hongmoon School; but peace won’t last forever. Your school is thrown into chaos as the forces of evil attack—searching for a weapon of great power. You must rise to the challenge, seek vengeance, and stop their plan to unleash dark forces upon the world.

After looking at the available race options of the mighty Gon, the adorable Lyn, the lovely Yun and the heroic Jin coupled with the available classes (Blade Master, Destroyer, Summoner, Force Master, Kung Fu Master, Assassin and Blade Master) I saw that the easiest class to start off with was Summoner. Being that this class can only be played by Lyn my mind was made up. In short? I made another HMIC Alisha Rue:


Yes, she has cat ears. Yes, I bought the festival hair adornment so I can give her her signature Rue braids. I also have a photo of my feline familiar companion, Freelia, somewhere also so I’ll be sure to include that in soon too. But can we say ADORABLE?! Yes, yes we can.


As of right now I think I’m level 17, and I know I have a ways to go until I reach max level of 45 but what I’ve played so far I really enjoy. The mechanics and combat system were a bit wonky to me at first as I’m not that great commanding the WASD keys, but with time and patience I got a better grip at it. The Summoner class is great for a n00b like me because the damage dealt is divided between both your avatar and your pet companion. I operate well with pet management so that felt comfortable to me. Plus? I primarily level as a solo player so having the solo dungeons available is really great for me. I don’t have to rely on anyone else logging in to run content with and I could forego a random party finder if needed.

There are some cons to this game, specifically as a free-to-play player. The biggest being the currency accumulation system. When killing mobs and trash you don’t pick up any coins as F2P, only as a subscriber. This would be a non-issue, but IIRC you have to bid on items in heroic dungeons amongst other players with currency? If anyone can clarify for clarity that would be great. In addition I don’t mind the character creation for the Lyn all that much. The other races though with regards to proportion? It’s umm… interesting. I think the game is secretly sponsored by Johnnson & Johnson’s baby oil. Aside from that? Any other issues the game has had regarding queue times for login and lag? They’ve been addressed or settled.

So if you’re looking for an alternative to play for fun? Looking to engage in some PvP? Definitely give it a shot then.

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