The “Ace” is going to “Press Your Number”

Hehe… Yaoi.

But yes! From time to time I like to post about another interest of mine… bless you KPop, bless you.


“Press Your Number”, the upcoming title track for Lee Taemin’s forthcoming full solo album, “Press It” is starting to make headlines in the news and make its way stateside. The comeback music video is expected to drop on February 23nd and for folks looking my guess is that you should be able to find this on YouTube in NA / EU and NicoNico in the East.

What’s interesting about this is that “Press Your Number” was composed by Bruno Mars and the world renown production trio The Stereotypes. I’ve been seeing a lot of NA / KR collaboration from the likes of Missy Elliott, of the Black Eyed Peas and others over the span of the last two years. It’s great to see that fusion forging new relationships and hopefully expanding the Hallyu wave into mainstream media and music.

You can check out the MV teaser for “Press Your Number” below and trust that I’m going to post the MV when it finally releases online. Will this hinder forthcoming activities for Taemin in the core of his musical career with SHINee? I doubt it; those boys are really supportive and encouraging to one another on their respected solo endeavors.

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