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Everyday is Girl’s Day!

Ahhh post so late! My apologies. I finally slept in for once for the first time in two weeks. 🙂

In this current phase of transition I’ve been kind of all over the place and wearing a few different hats just so I could take care of the things that mean most to me now and later on down the road. I knew internally adapting to change has always been a rough thing for me and it was going to take a bit until I could breathe. When those moments arise I feel somewhat overwhelmed and need to find an old pastime just to settle down and relax.

It was by sheer coincidence that my FC leader in FFXIV reached out to me in text to see if I would be attending an Eternal Bonding ceremony tomorrow evening. I let him know that I’d be unable to attend as I’ve got Heroines to record tomorrow, but afterwards maybe I’ll log in game to hang with everyone at the reception. Then I decided I’d let the soon-to-be newlyweds know as well direct in game.

It’s been a bit since I’ve had the chance to sit down and just enjoy the game so when I logged in as was immediately greeted by the gorgeous ladies of GoV (Seren, Kit, and Subz)? I found my happy place for the night. I sent the Bride and Groom some funny Prismatic Heart fireworks to be used following the ceremony, and let them know I’d be there in spirit. What followed was an impromptu evening of dialogue over current interior house design and creating secret rooms in our private estates, chats about our respected LD relationships and how we make them work, getting the chance to gush about my new love in podcasting and Heroines with Sushi, our hopes of FFXIV releasing the Dancer class and the long adored Viera race, and all points in between.





I’ll never take for granted the friendships we forge online because in so many instances all the friends I’ve made and met online have been there for me during my highs and my lows and I love you all for it. Hell— I met the love of my life on a social platform that limits messages to 140 characters or less!

So for a few hours last night it was great to get the opportunity to catch up with Seren, Kit and Subz. We plan on setting up more GoV Girl Nights soon. It’s tough with all our schedules being different and living in different time zones, but if it’s meant to be it’ll all work itself out. I’m thankful that distance and time zones don’t define our friendships. ❤

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