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When the Heroines Invade For The Lore!

I had meant to post this earlier today too, but hey— no time like the present!

About a week or two ago, Sushi and I had been contacted by the Old Man himself, Zen Buddhist, of the popular podcast For The Lore. For those who may or may not know For The Lore which is hosted by Roger (Zen Buddhist), Joe (Lodur) and some guy named Vince (that’s my Husbando! <3) is a podcast devoted to story driven games. Giving weekly coverage for the last seven years they cover everything from E3 to Life is Strange, and even run one off D&D and Shadowrun campaigns on their show.

Old Man Zen has been an avid supporter of Heroines since our inception and regularly comes by with Sam when we stream the show live or play otomes on Twitch. So when he approached us about joining on the show as guests, we were delighted to be able to take part and discuss the genre of visual novels and otomes with them. To hear them with inquiries on certain facets of otomes and to hear their responses on some of the games we’ve played as well as new ones they discovered? It was a sight that made my heart double.

All too often the otome and visual novel genres are viewed with hesitation and seen as taboo due to the graphic content and nature of the game. To meet with folks like OMZ and Sam though who are open-minded and objective through the road trip of discovery? It gives me hope that others who are not familiarized with otomes will at least give it a fair assessment and chance.

If you’d like to listen to this episode online be sure to click the link HERE for the full episode. In addition you can also listen to this episode and more from For The Lore on iTunes and Stitcher.

Again thank you FtL for having us! ❤


3 thoughts on “When the Heroines Invade For The Lore!

  1. WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo how awesome is that? XD I always really appreciate it when both genders can put aside their differences (really not much lol) and actually respect each other when it comes to video games-because I’ve met so much sexist hate in this community. And so much positive support.
    I also adore story driven games so thanks for sharing them with us! I’m always looking for those kinds of games, be they jrpgs or 1st person shooters. If there’s a strong narrative, I am 100% interested.

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