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Pizza Plays Blood Code!

Happy Monday everyone!

I got a case of the Mondays this morning and slept in later than usual, but with good reason! Last night I booted up the stream and dove into my Pizza Plays live on my Twitch channel with Blood Code working on the Locke route first.

First off many thanks to everyone who tune in to the podcast and help with the voting system on Twitter! Much to my surprise? Locke beat out the Almighty Christ! Is that sacrilege?

Upon first impressions of the tutorial and just a one week run through in game? I’m pleasantly surprised at the mechanics of the game and how to tackle it. For those of you considering picking up Blood Code the game in my mind bears similar resemblances to Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrook with regards to it’s job / academia system and how this correlates to your run-ins with the romance-able route(s). I think Flower Shop does this in a more minimalistic way, but I’m excited to tackle the game and see if I can win the affections of the strong, authoritative Vampire leader and school administrator, Locke Tremere. It’s only natural that through gameplay I’ll attract and pick up the affections of other romance routes, but this week the goal is to capture the attention and charm the pants of Locke so challenge accepted. I can successfully say as of this point? WE GOT A NUMBER! WHOO!

For those who missed last night’s stream you can catch a replay of the VOD just below:

And for those of you looking to join in on the fun of Pizza Plays? I’ll be back in action this week on either Tuesday or Thursday night (times TBA in ET) as we continue working on Locke’s love in Blood Code some more! ❤

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