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The Little Lady in All of Us

As an aside from this post? I got a job interview! SQUEE I’M SO EXCITED! Okay, back to your regularly scheduled post. 🙂

In XIV I’m a glamour fiend and love to dress up Rue and the Cafe. In addition my other big love in the game is all the holiday events that occur in game and collecting the achievements associated with them. Since I started playing the game with Rue I think I’ve participated in practically every event. I love Hallows’ End a lot, but my all time favorite one is Little Ladies’ Day.

Aligning the Stars

A reporter for the Mythril Eye is writing a column on the Songbirds, an up-and-coming troupe of troubadours, and seeks the opinions of adventurers to complete his work. Those who would know more of this new singing sensation are encouraged to seek him out.

The storyline for the quest has always been so sweet and innocent, my Pure Pure heart squeals! For the duration of the entire event, everything in the capital cities of Eorzea are decorated in pink, flowers and cute pink items adorn the communal hot spots of the city, and…. it’s freakin’ adorable you guys. I really love Little Ladies’ Day!

Since I’ve collected the Peach Blossom Earrings and Necklace from the last two Ladies’ Day events, I’m so excited that I can collaborate those accessories with the new items this year! Plus furniture for the private estate? I’m game. I am SO GAME! And ladies and gents? The clothing items for this event ARE DYEABLE. I can make my dress Sunset Orange like I dye… pretty much everything else I own! ❤


So when do the festivities begin? Looks like we can dive in to the event as early as 3:00am EST on Friday, February 26th and the event will run until Thursday, March 10th at 9:59am EST. So if you worried that you can’t complete the quest immediately? Fear not, you have plenty of time. Plus if I recall correctly the quest lines for the events usually start as low as level 15 to allocate flying in between cities if need be, but this is not definite and could possibly change to a lower or higher level. If you’re a few levels shy then don’t worry, you can easily level up to in no time while the event is going on!

I’ll be sure to post some photos once I obtain the dress, shows and shelf! If you’d like to shoot your avatars in the Ladies’ Day gear too I highly encourage it! You can send me a photo here in the comments or on my Twitter at @Pizzamaid ! I’d love to compile a little image gallery on the blog and RT your images on my Twitter! 😀

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