Video Games

… And Then Samo-chan Lives as a 2D Catboy

I feel the need to preface all this with one point of note. I am perfectly content in my relationship with Sam. I just had to try this out for science and because we all do funny things at 3:00am when we can’t sleep, the dog is taking up 3/4 of the bed, and you’re suffering from indigestion from that evening’s dinner of homemade Sweet and Sour Chicken over white rice.Haha.

I stumbled across this mobile app on a whim when I discovered another game from the mobile developer Ambition called Dream Girlfriend. I have a lot of WTF moments in my life, but I usually just take a light stroll down the rabbit hole before I invest my time into something. The selling point for me in that game was the fact that I could make a cute anime girl that looked like Rue. It seemed as if the premise of that game was a guy who broke his cell phone in water and when going to a cell phone store to replace it, these “magical” helpers gave him a special new cell phone that let him create a dream girlfriend. Yes the premise of the game seems silly but again? I got to make a cute little digital Rue and was given free clothes and hairstyles to make her cute. The premise to the story itself went over my head. The overwhelming support and advice from other players in game using their socialization feature? Not so much. Many of them were nice enough to offer me advice to make my Rue a happy girlfriend and even someone said I was “The cool dude that named myself Pizza”. Hue hue hue. Then when looking up more information online about Dream Girlfriend did I discover its reverse counterpart, Animal Boyfriend. Oh I didn’t take a “stroll” down that rabbit hole. I fell right in.

In Japanese the game is called Gijin Kareshi (擬人カレシ), but the premise of the game is presented that you are a teacher and your job is to help a handsome animal student become a real human. I had a brief moment where I imagined this was a Pinocchio scenario and read on. You can dress him up, build up a custom dual-spec personality (one main, one secondary), help him study, get work to buy him clothing items and hairstyles, and in the process level up with EXP to trigger special events and hopefully? Make him your dream boyfriend. The catch is is that when your animal student reverts from human to animal, it could carry negative effects? It hasn’t happened for me yet, but I don’t think I’d mind my 2D boyfriend with cat ears (Yes, I made him a catboy). I’m even working on getting him a butler suit!

So I started by giving him a name. That part was easy.


Oh let me tell you how hard I laughed when I made Sam a 2D Catboy. I had a good chuckle at that one for hours. Next came deciding what I would start working towards for his appearance. Tuxedo Mask as a Butler. Check off the to-do list. Next? Personality. Well shit. This one called for a little help from the Muse himself via text:



Sam: No, it’s okay, baby.

Sam: 5 12

If IRL Sam had ANY IDEA why I asked him that? Now he knows why, and somewhere my girlfriend senses are tingling because he’s probably shaking his head at me upon reading this.


Samo-chan (the CatBoy) is currently at work for another 32 minutes but I believe that gave him the personality set of Composed / Fresh? Composed / Cute? I’ll update this post to reflect the final answer. I know I have to work on the personality attributes of Toughness and Shyness for one of them.



We’ve got a long way to before he reaches max level (which I think is 50 or 60) but for a free app? It is what it is. System and control wise? The game is slightly laggy and things just seem to be put everywhere, but maybe with more time it’ll be easier to navigate through. I’m not in love with the currency system in game, and I get random gacha tickets and coupons from the daily fortune so that’s how I get some clothing items. Sadly I was a few days late from then the limited period “Butlers” gacha promotion was going on. Damnit. Oh well. I can still buy one in game with their sub-set currency, Jin.

Is this a complete otome? No, absolutely not. It has otome-like elements in it, but it’s a sim that seems simple and light hearted. For all you ladies and gents that have a dream otome husbando in mind you can finally channel it somewhere in game. I don’t expect this game to have a whole lot of longevity on my phone just because I’m a busy little lady with a lot of plates in the air, but I did want to report on it if this was something up someone else’s alley for fun. 🙂

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