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Tokimeki Radio Over the Airwaves

Happy Monday Netizens!

Returning from a weekend with great weather, tons of sun, and a lot of news I wanted to give a signal boost to something amazing that was brought to my attention just last night.

I was in the process of getting ready for dinner when I noticed that Episode 1 of a brand new podcast called Tokimeki Radio was live. Hosted by the lovely duo of Ellyberries and VerdelishJP they discussed their humble beginnings into the world of VNs and otome, a really detailed breakdown of all the NA, JP, and Chinese otome releases for the month of February and their thoughts on a lot of current issues we’re all facing together with regards to the Beastmaster and Prince Kickstarter campaign. I was so excited about listening to the episode that once Sam made his way to sleep in preparation for work today I made a beeline to Figuratively Speaking to listen in on their pilot episode and filled my ears with podcasty goodness!

Ladies I have to say for a first episode? IT WAS AMAZING! I am so excited for you both and this new labor of love in tribute to our 2D men and ladies and in otome games! Everything sounded amazing and smooth in transitions and audio, the show breakdown was top notch, and I’m eagerly awaiting episode 2 next month! To all those that have yet to listen in? I HIGHLY suggest you do so. A lot of folks may not know this but the preparation and work that goes into podcasts and vidcasts? It’s a lot, but so well worth it when you know the outreach it’s going to have on its respected community. It encourages folks to give their opinions and insight without fear or reservation of criticism. It also opens people’s mindsets to something that may have never considered before. And the best part? It introduces us to like minded individuals with a shared common interest. You can walk away from a podcast making new otome friends! I promise you, there’s a lot of us otome enthusiasts out there, and all of them? They’re really freakin’ amazing. 🙂

I sometimes have a bit of a hard time hearing myself on my own show because— I know what I sound like. Hehe. So now that I get to subscribe and listen to new thoughts and ideas from Elly and Verde with regards to a genre I love? I DON’T THINK YOU UNDERSTAND JUST HOW EXCITED I AM ABOUT THIS! Again be sure to check out their first episode RIGHT HERE. Share your thoughts, join in on the conversation on social media, and send these ladies tons of hugs and high fives for a great job! /thumbs up

2 thoughts on “Tokimeki Radio Over the Airwaves

  1. ahhh omg! Thanks so much for spreading the word around! I truly appreciate it! ❤

    You know, I saw a ray of hope when I was looking for otome game podcasts and the one you and Sushigeisha do popped up…while it was the only one, it meant that other people wanted to talk about the beautiful world of otome games, and that's AWESOME! ✨

    I hope that through our work, people can feel more open to talk about otome games and their experiences and favorites!

    Tbh, I always felt like my voice in English is a bit off because my accent kinda pops out (Spanish is my main language), but that's something I'm working on getting over. There will be some words I won't ever be able to say like native English speakers do, but oh well. People like accents…right?!

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