30 Days of ARPil

Day 2 of 30 Days of ARPil: Keeping the Eyebrows on Fleek

In this month long series, I wanted to introduce readers old and new a little more into the life of Pizzamaid.moe’s Muse and Mascot, Alisha Rue. I encourage any folks from all walks of life and games to join me if you’re looking for a creative outlet into writing, and developing your OC a little more, regardless of game or genre. Be sure to hashtag your posts on your respected site / blog / Tumblr / Twitter with #30DaysofARPil and let me know here in the comments below or on Twitter at @Pizzamaid

Also know that the questions compiled for this series was originally posted by Oslusiadas of Tumblr. I’d like to properly credit them for posting this. 🙂 

Question 2: What is your character’s most prominent features?


Heh. Hehehehehe. Hehehehehehehe.

Well being that I don’t don TOO much head armor I believe the most prominent physical feature on me is my bushy, blonde eyebrows. YUP. My eyebrows!

I’m actually asked a lot if I willingly choose to leave them that way, or if I carry some insane genetic mutation that gives me full, lush locks on top of the eyes. I’ve also been asked if per chance I just can’t seem to find tweezers. For the record YES I own tweezers and NO no genetic mutation of any sort. There is a reason for it though. REALLY. There is!

I was born and raised in Southern Thanalan and anybody who’s from there will tell you… SANDSTORMS SUCK AND ITS SWELTERING HOT. Immensely. As a kit though it wasn’t optimal to play inside so my friends and I always played Paladins and Primals outside. It was all to common for us to come home from a day of playing drenched in sweat with sand all over. So a lot of clans in the area shared the same common practice of trimming their kits’ eyebrows so that they were trimmed, but still a little bushy. For us, it kept the moisture and sweat out of our eyes and also trapped any sand debris flown at us from getting into our eyes and irritating them.

If you were expecting any sort of a “sign of fertility” or “mating call with eyebrows” expression, sorry. I will say though that my Mom always appreciated our eyebrows because it dramatically expressed when we were frustrated or made our innocent faces look angrier for a tougher expression. ^_^


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