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Day 5 of 30 Days of ARPil: K–Kinsey? Is that a body part?

In this month long series, I wanted to introduce readers old and new a little more into the life of Pizzamaid.moe’s Muse and Mascot, Alisha Rue. I encourage any folks from all walks of life and games to join me if you’re looking for a creative outlet into writing, and developing your OC a little more, regardless of game or genre. Be sure to hashtag your posts on your respected site / blog / Tumblr / Twitter with #30DaysofARPil and let me know here in the comments below or on Twitter at @Pizzamaid

Also know that the questions compiled for this series was originally posted by Oslusiadas of Tumblr. I’d like to properly credit them for posting this. 🙂 

Question 5: What’s your character’s ranking on the Kinsey Scale


After taking a gander at this Kinsey Scale thinga-ma-bobber I had to take an inward look and see my reflection.

I think within all of us we carry a mutual attraction to the opposite gender as well as our own. I think doing so is a very healthy thing as it helps us view the world objectively and without prejudice or bias. I think folks who would say otherwise walk with planks in their eyes or with ignorance.

Looking closer at myself, I think I carry a deep yearning and care for my Eternal Bonding partner, S’pharin. I can recall the moment I laid eyes on him and at the first sound of his voice I knew immediately my heart belonged to him and to no one else. Now that being said, I also can do a double take from time to time and appreciate a gorgeous woman when I see one. It’s by no means an indicator that I lust for them, but when a beautiful person crosses my path regardless of gender I’ll let them know. You never know too— that compliment could wind up being the highlight of their day!

So on the Kinsey Scale? I think I’d be a 1. ^_^


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