30 Days of ARPil · Video Games

Day 8, 9, 10 and 11 of the 30 Days of ARPil: The Day of Catching Up!

In this month long series, I wanted to introduce readers old and new a little more into the life of Pizzamaid.moe’s Muse and Mascot, Alisha Rue. I encourage any folks from all walks of life and games to join me if you’re looking for a creative outlet into writing, and developing your

OC a little more, regardless of game or genre. Be sure to hashtag your posts on your respected site / blog / Tumblr / Twitter with #30DaysofARPil and let me know here in the comments below or on Twitter at @Pizzamaid !
Also know that the questions compiled for this series was originally posted by Oslusiadas of Tumblr. I’d like to properly credit them for posting this.

Question 8: Day of favorites! What’s your character’s favorite ice cream flavor? Color? Song? Flower?

The day of favorites, also being posted on my favorite day! Thank the Twelve it’s Friday! Just a quick jot of the favorites for you:

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Actually? It’s coffee ice cream! I’m bit of a coffee addict so in ice cream form it’s the perfect treat while sitting on the bench outside of the cafe in Mist!

Favorite Color: Sunset Orange. As a kit, my favorite time of day was always sunset, it complements my dark tan skin very well, AND I even bonded with a Manqo’te whose last name is Sunkist. Coincidence? I think not. ^_^

Favorite Song: Probably because I’ve always been a curious cat even in her youth, it makes sense that one of my favorites is probably SHINee’s “Sherlock (Clue + Note)”. It has a real upbeat tune, tons of great dancing and my retainer, Choiminho loves to bring me goodies!

Favorite Flower: The sunflower. Simply put. Haha!


Question 9: Who does your character trust?

For me, it is easy to give people the benefit of the doubt and trust, but the minute there’s deceit or betrayal, I never forget.

I think for this reason my circle of trust is limited to my mother and siblings, my lifemate S’pharin, my Free Company members in Guardians Reborn and a childhood friend of mine, M’korolon Syma.

I think my family and my Free Company comes with absolute certainty. They really are the pillars of my support system and everytime I’ve fallen down one of them would be quick to pick me up and dust me off. Now S’pharin? Well we share a very funny kind of love…

S’pharin (whom I affectionately call Sunpai) and I met when I first joined the same Free Company as him. There was always something intriguing about him. He was a valiant adventurer, very knowledgeable, and just couldn’t get enough of wizard hats! It was a natural progression that we both became friends, allies who fought alongside one another, and eventually that friendship turned into love. I think we realized just how much we cared for one another when we ventured deep into Stone Vigil. With Sun fighting and taking the monsters by force as a Paladin and me on healing duties as a White Mage it clicked to both of us that we realized we needed to perform our very best to protect the other. With a year under our belts, we united as one in an Eternal Bond so one of these days I’ll be sure to give the full story in detail.

And as for that unorthodox M’korolon? Well that friendship was also fated by the stars. When we were very very young, I was a very rambunctious and very sociable young kit. M’korolon on the other hand was very reserved and took a bit to come out of her shell; she was most often found inside reading a book on Thaumaturgy, or making attempts to make a blizzard to keep cool. We were introduced to each other one day by M’korolon’s mother and what started as a simple walk out of the village to explore the desert it later became a day long adventure that brought us home in the wee evening hours on a self constructed Bomb Palanquin. I’d dive into the story further but it was agreed by pact that “what happened in the desert, stays in the desert”. We went on to experience many major milestones together as friends and although M’korolon went on her own path as a Black Mage and I joining forces with the White we’ve always remained close and always will.


Question 10: Can you define a turning point in your character’s life? Multiples are acceptable.

I think a defining moment if not THE defining moment for myself was the day I decided to commit my life to the study of conjury and began my adventure into becoming a White Mage.

Prior to my take off from Thanalan into Gridania I sat with my mother, and asked a myriad of questions regarding the study. Questions ranging from “What will they teach me? What should I expect? Am I cut out for this?” had me go into a slight panic. Like always though, Mother gently took my hands and explained that I’m already making first steps on the right path by just wondering and asking questions. So long as I was willing to learn, accept, and understand with ears to hear and a heart to receive? Like a puzzle, all the pieces would fall into place.

Like Moms do best, I found peace in my heart with a renewed sense of hope and determination. Remembering my mother’s words and early tutelage, I took off for Gridania.


I HAD made a pit stop first to Limsa Lominsa to visit my brother and sister. Plus? IT’S THE BEACH.


Question 11: Is there an animal you equate with your character?

Well… this is probably a REAL short post.

I guess if there’s any animal I can equate with, it’s a cat. Because— ears and tail. 🙂


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