30 Days of ARPil · Video Games


For all those that participated in this year’s challenge! YOU GOTS A SURPRISE! 😀

So earlier this weekend I was contacted by the lovely and talented Miss Ravanel Griffon of Ravalation . She expressed her excitement towards my most recent post wrapping up the 30 Days of ARPil. She was so excited with the turnout that she wanted to contribute to the event so with her AMAZING design skills, we collaborated and she made for all those that participated your own unique badge celebrating this year’s event!

Honestly? I’m still speechless. The power of kindness oceans away and the connection broadband Internet can bring two people makes me so unbelievably happy and no words could ever express how thankful I am for your help on this Rav. I hope one day I can return that same kindness and generosity to you, so again my sincerest thanks! YOU DID AN AMAZING JOB AND I’M STILL IN AWE! 30 DAYS OF ARPIL HAS EVENT BADGES!!!! YASSSSS!!!

Again to all you who participated? Thank you so much! The blogging community has contributed to this project in so many ways, I’m so glad that with the help of an amazing friend we can give something back to you! Now to plan for 30 Days of ARPil in 2017!!!

ARPil badge Chadrassa

ARPil badge Rowan

ARPil badge Karinshastha

ARPil badge Rinike

ARPil badge Ravanel

ARPil badge Rakuno

Now as instructed to me by Miss Ravanel, if for any reason you’d like to change the character portrait in the middle please let me know and I can send you a PSD file where you can swap out your photo with another one.

Again thank you to an honorary Maid here at Pizza Maid, Ravanel, all the ARPil participants and to all you viewers of the blog! I can’t wait for what lies ahead in 2017!


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