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You are the Ocean’s Gray Waves… : Entry 1 of Maid Mayhem

Happy Sunday folks!

As always I hope all is well on your end! 🙂

I know it’s been ten days since my last post. Pizza…. WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN UP TO?! Oh so much you don’t even know. Hehe.

Well following the one year blogiversary, the week following was special because it was my birthday! I’m now a happy 31 year old dweeb! I got to spend time with the family on a nice, relaxing day so it was tons of fun! 🙂 In addition? I GIFTED MYSELF A PRESENT.

After much debate and deliberation with a really poor customer service experience with Nintendo I put the past behind me, bit the bullet and picked up Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright after all. I had so many friends playing the game and sharing so many great anecdotes to the game (Sushi and Smasshy REALLY got me hyped about the game) I REALLY wanted to experience it for myself. In the realm of JRPGs? I rarely play them as much as I used to when I was a kid. Couple that with the system mechanics in FE:Fates that allows players to play extremely casual in Phoenix mode and enjoy the main story line plus additional system features? My interest was piqued.

My purpose for grabbing the game was that since I’m traveling this week to visit Samo-chan on his stomping grounds, it’d be nice to have a game to play while on the flight and all. What I didn’t expect? WAS TO FINISH THE ENTIRE MAIN STORY ON MY FIRST SAVE IN THE SPAN OF A WEEK. Literally that first day? I plowed through 12 chapters and was eager to keep playing! I enjoyed it so much!

I was trying to think of where to begin with my adoration of this game, but there’s SO MANY things I don’t want to spoil in Birthright for folks. That being said this go round on a new save I’m going to share the experience as I encounter it, avoid spoilers, and document / explain my choices and decisions in hopes that if you like it enough? Maybe you’ll want to check it out for yourself.

So without further ado I present to you: Lady Pizza Maid!


Every Friday I plan on releasing a new post to Maid Mayhem, but in lieu of traveling this week and seeing my actual Butler Husbando extraordinaire, I wanted to share with you a new beginning! Let me preface all this by saying I am not an expert whatsoever with this game; just an enthusiast so my words and advice are merely my preferences and opinions. 🙂

So it’s a little difficult to recreate myself in the game, but I think with the hairstyle choice and color as well as little adornments, this will do. When I first started playing the game I turned to the Heroines’ resident expert on the Fire Emblem series, Smasshy, for advice and tips. I had explained to him I wanted to be a maid that was a magical girl. What should I choose with Boon, Bane, and Talent? As per his suggestion I went with Clever as my Boon, Weak as my bane, and Troubadour as my talent. This way I will have high magic and low strength and can advance into a maid very easily. In addition opting for high magic, this will help me with other classes that are magic based should I want to fight as another role or class.

To those that are playing Fire Emblem: Fates or to those interested in playing. Which Boons, Banes and Talents would you choose and why? 🙂

Let me know in the comments below and have an excellent week! ❤



One thought on “You are the Ocean’s Gray Waves… : Entry 1 of Maid Mayhem

  1. First, belated happy birthday! 🙂

    Second, congratulations on finishing the game!

    I am looking forward to this series as I am curious to see other people’s opinions about the game. I am also curious to see other’s logic when it comes to marrying their characters. Mine was simply to go by the personality of the characters, mechanics be damned!

    As for your question, I started with Conquest and somehow passed by that choice during character creation. So I just went with the defaults on that one. I did a lot of other noobie mistakes along the way too but somehow I was able to finish the game without troubles (I was playing in the Casual difficulty though).

    With Birthright I wanted to do better. I think for Boon I chose Strong, since I wanted to go the melee route. I don’t remember what was the name of the Bane but it was the one that gave lower res. That wasn’t a good idea as those mages hurt pretty badly with a low res. For Talent I chose Draconic because I wanted to reclass into Wyvern Rider and get the Lunge ability. In the end I barely used Lunge so next time I will try to think a bit more about the classes.

    I haven’t finished Birthright yet but I should be able to soon. I am at chapter… 20-something, I think. Just taking a small break to play Bravely Default now. >_> <_<

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