Ok no. None of that happened.

“Seriously Pizza. Where HAVE you been? We thought you were abandoning this blog! /sad face”

Never. Never ever could I do such a thing. But from August until now things have been quite the whirlwind. Let me get you up to speed.

Level Up : Living Together! 


So around August when Blaugust was happening (I know I know… I crapped on that this year. I’m sorry Bel I love you! <3) I found out from that main squeeze of mine that he was ready to make the move from South Florida up to Pennsylvania! Let me tell I had a mix of emotions. From excited to nervous to elated to anxious! It was FINALLY happening. So… we began planning for the move. We already had an idea in our heads how we were going to do it, but we weren’t sure how the apartment hunt was going to turn out.

Lucky enough, we found an amazing apartment to call our home! It’s ten minutes away from where I work, 30 minutes away from our immediate family, the place is BRAND SPANKING NEW, and well within our price range and size for our budget!

We jumped on the chance and from that point up until about say…. a week ago we were moving simultaneously while working our full time jobs to make this happen. Now? We finally starting to settle in. Sam has been a Godsend and I couldn’t imagine making memories with anyone else. AND HOLY SHIT HE COOKS SO GOOD. HE SCHOOLED MY ASS IN THE COOKING DEPARTMENT.

We’re still about a week out before we’re finally settled in and can return to our respective podcasts (Heroines of the Cherry Blossom and For The Lore) but we look to be back in action on the Internets soon. Both Sam and I want to thank our amazing podcast hosts for filling in our absence up until this point. We’re so excited to catch up on all the fun things!


PLOT TWIST – We’re Beholder Parents! 

Oh yeah…. did we mention we have a Beholder son now?

Internets… meet our bundle of joy, Martin!

Martin is the newest addition to our family since we can’t have pets in this apartment. He was Sam’s companion from the journey up to Gridania, and I absolutely fell in love with him during my last visit to FL to see Sam. Martin is… well he’s the strong silent type and has a bit of a tough time turning pages because he has no opposable thumbs…


With the help of Mom and Dad, you can follow his adventures on social media now at Twitter at @MartinTBeholder !

CLASS CHANGE ! From White Mage to…. Monk? 



Some folks might know, but to anyone who doesn’t know much about this HMIC in real life may not know that I actually work at an e-Commerce company that specializes in MMA and Boxing equipment and apparel.

During the month of August my boss had approached me and asked if I was interested in training in MMA along with him and a few of my other co-workers. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a routine workout schedule, and it’s a fun way to connect with my co-workers and I think a great way to let off a little steam when I’m frustrated. So I agreed to join.

It’s a great rate, we train twice a week after work in our business’ gym facility, and we get private training by an amazing instructor who operates under American Killer Bees. If you guys know who Anderson Silva is, he is the co-founder of Killer Bees MMA. No— he’s not my MMA trainer, but a well known MMA fighter in the community. He reminds me of Sagat every time I look at him.

Since starting on September 1, I was in the process of moving WHILE MMA training and let me tell you— that was the BEST idea I’ve ever had. Not even joking. For the days I felt sluggish and just needed a boost and a getaway from the moving grind? Training picked my spirits up immediately. It’s really helped me hone in on self discipline, good focus and concentration in all avenues or my life, and has really helped me get my mind, body and spirit back on balance. It’s not a goal really, but it’s also pretty awesome that I’ve lost 5 pounds so far this month in the process too thanks to a regular 2x a week schedule, jump roping, vitamins and clean eating courtesy of Sam. And did I mention? I LOVE MUAY THAI. LOVE IT. Yes, I will probably post reviews of gear, form, technique and general Muay Thai nerdery here. I love it so much, I finally made my first ever purchase of gloves. FOR HOSHIDO!


That’s the long and short of it. In the gaming world a lot’s changed too. But hey— i need content for more posts this week right? 😉

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