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I’m Done Asking Where You’ve Been!

Yes! Yes! I’m also done asking myself where I’ve been too. LOTS OF THINGS HAVE HAPPENED THESE LAST FEW MONTHS. Pray forgive me for the absence of this blog. I love writing and sharing my adventures with everyone, but time? Time has never been on my side. If only I were a Time Mage…

Mark my words (And remember this blog post; you can call me out on it.) should Time Mage ever become available as a playable class in FFXIV, I’ll main change my job class and promise to post more.

So… where do I even begin?

  1. Glamour (in all forms) is the real end game

Well… I’m not a Catgirl anymore. I haven’t been a catgirl for some time. I’ll always love Rue, the adventures we shared and the memories we created, but I wanted something different. I wanted something that wasn’t the norm. With the announcement of Stormblood and all the new features being introduced, it sparked my excitement for the game yet again. AND? It sparked Sam’s as well. He was so excited at what was coming out that even HE resubbed. The moment he showed me a photo of his Roegadyn transferred over to my main server, I just knew.Viz needed to make a comeback, and so she did.


My FC had an inkling such a thing wiuld happen, so it was no surprise to them. I think my FC leader was even more excited to have another Roe on board (no pun intended) that he invited me to the server’s Roegadyn only linkshell, and the guys and gals in that linkshell have been great! Only snag was… the name. For all that is holy people kept butchering Wyznbryda Ganzgarawyn. Don’t get me wrong— it’s not really a name that just rolls off the tongue, but it also sounds nothing like “GESUNDHEIT!” so a name change was bound to happen. Surprisingly? This actually wasn’t a hard one to figure out.

  1. Laying down the staff, and embracing the katana

So like I mentioned previously Sam was returning to Eorzea. His face lit up like a child on Christmas morning at the announcement of the Red Mage class being introduced in Stormblood during Fan Fest so it was no surprise that once the expansion was live he fully intended on putting down the axe as a Warrior, and picking up the Rapier as a Red Mage. Well with the announcement of Red Mage, Yoshi-P also introduced Samurai. I’ll be honest at first? I thought “Okay. /shrug” It’s a new melee class so that could be fun. And then I saw the job’s skill casts and actions.

*sigh* Don’t you laugh at me reader, but you know me. It just takes “one small thing” to get me hyped on something.

I saw the cast animation for Oka. I saw Cherry Blossom petals falling in a whirlwind around the Samurai. Immediately otome popped into my head.



“People say you can’t wash away the mud of this world with pure white snow. You need Sea Wolf snow – stained fiery red.”

Farewell Wyznbryda Ganzgarawyn. Welcome Lady Snowolf.

  1. Fighting my inner-most demons… and the queue

Now long before the birth of this blog, one thing has always been constant. That being I’ve always played a healer. I’ve always cracked the joke that “I didn’t choose the White Mage life, the White Mage life chose me” and to a degree it did, and I always just kept with it because it was always a surefire guarantee that my WHM was the highest geared, highest level, and most requested to be used by friends and FC mates.

Now that Samurai came into the fold I had to start fresh so to speak. Starting at level 50, I did a heck of a lot of level grinding, working on my challenge log, running through Palace of the Dead, AND EVEN DOING PVP just to get to level 60 so I could dive into the current Stormblood main scenario questline. The fact that I did the 50-60 level grind in about 2 ½ week’s time is a freakin’ miracle when compared to the… year and a half it took to level my WHM from 50-60? That speaks volumes. Couple that with the fact that while currently in Stormblood MSQ, there have been some dungeons and Primal trials that have come up that have to be done in order to proceed through the MSQ.


I’ve done them.

Not only have I done them, but I’ve solo queued for them.

My FC mates are currently gearing up in preparation for Omega savage so a lot of the MSQ dungeons and trials I need to do  I’ve just been watching the videos to get the strats on them, and then wait 10-15 minutes for the queue to pop. I politely explain to the party that it’s my first time running it, and generally for the most part, folks are really nice, give me a quick breakdown and we one shot it.

This sounds like rather elementary stuff, running dungeons and trials solo, but for me? This is actually a big deal. I’m finally overcoming my fears about PUGs, and that makes me ecstatic. I will say this though.

I miss you healer queue times. I miss the insta pop. #NeverForget

There’s more I have to share, but I’ll just make more posts to break down the nitty gritty like my thoughts on PvPin XIV, the power of smart Market Board selling, reaping what you sow in crafting/gathering and oodles more.

Don’t call it a comeback… but definitely expect more posts. ❤


8 thoughts on “I’m Done Asking Where You’ve Been!

  1. Wait just a minute! I thought Blue Mages were the ones where they learned spells by being attacked by monsters? Did they change what the Blue Mages do at some point in the series or am I confusing it with another Job?

    As for Samurai I knew I wanted to play one the moment they announced it. Why? Well, in the words of the immortal Fighter of 8-Bit Theater: “I like swords”. My only worry was that during the previews the Job gauge made them look complicated to play. I am glad I was wrong and it is an easy Job to figure out how to play. 🙂

    The Duty Finder was something that scared the hell out of me when I first started to play the game. I have a huge aversion to PuGs. Nowadays though I don’t mind it anymore. Even the waiting time I got used to as I figured out I could just go do other stuff while waiting. Specially if it is for a Duty Roulette where I have a good idea of how long it will take it for it to start. When I do those I will usually switch jobs and do other stuff like leveling a different job or crafting or gathering. 🙂

    The only thing I am still afraid though is to queue to those as a healer or a tank. It is a lot more responsibility than just punch things until they stop moving. But maybe with time I will stop being afraid to queue as those jobs too. 🙂


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