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The Dawn Father, the Dusk Mother, and the Taco

So… okay. Let me explain. I actually have a legitimately good reason for this.

Last week my buddies SushiGeisha and Smasshy got eternally bonded (they wanted the two seater Chocobos and teleportation rings) and so I offered to help them with escorting any alts or low level players to the Chapel for friends that may have wanted to attend the wedding but their mains were on different servers. So as a thank you for helping out they bought me the one item in the Mog Station that is my absolute weakness…

… a bottle of Fantasia. Square Enix has made hundreds alone off of that damn bottle from me, and anybody who knows me knows this.

Now my Mom always told me that if someone does a kind gesture or gives you a present, it would be rude not to accept it. SO I DID.


Being that at the time I was currently progressing in the MSQ in Azim Steppe, it just felt natural to become one with the people in the zone so I Fantasia’d into an AuRa, and I can’t even begin to tell you how happy I am that I did. I changed her name too so it became lore friendly. So yes you can call me “Taco” or “Taco-chan”. It’s too soon to say if I’ll ever change the name of this blog from “PizzaMaid” to “TacoMaid” too so NO ENABLING. :p

Now to date this is what I’ve gathered thus far on the AuRi people, specifically the Xaela.

I am warning in advance this latter portion of this blog post does contain some spoilers just so you’re aware. 🙂

Lore dictates (sources include the Encyclopedia Eorzea as well as flavor text in game) that the origins of the AuRa hail from the Dawn Father, Azim, The Encyclopedia Eorzea directly states and this is followed up by in game discussion that, “These two deities came to quarrel over which should rule the new world, and created mortals to serve as soldiers in their war by proxy. These were the first Au Ra – the Raen, children of the Dawn Father, and the Xaela, the chosen of the Dusk Mother. Though they waged a bitter struggle in the name of their creators, they eventually put aside their differences and learned to love one another, giving birth to a new generation. On seeing this, Azim and Nhaama returned to the heavens, leaving the world below in the custody of their children.”

Now with certain quests within the zone I learned from my time previously spent as a FemRoe to a Xaela, it ACTUALLY changes the flavor text of the discussions you carry with select NPCs. Some will ask you to reminisce on your days as a child eating buuz, and others will ask you if your tribe did or did not carry tradition to doing custom XYZ. I was in legit shock when I noticed this change once I turned Xaela.

Plus the story of notable and even mere acquaintance NPCs was really well done in this zone I feel. While streaming quests in the zone, I had asked my viewers if they felt there was a Xaela tribe they could closely relate with. Lots of folks were up in the air, myself included, but I came to a resolution that albeit brief I think I was closest related to the Ura tribe. The Ura tribe is simply known as a mountain dwelling tribe who in lieu of combat, they mine precious ores in exchange for food and trade in the Steppe. Being that in real life I’ve lived in an area that’s recognized as mining towns it just made sense. Now the Ura tribe wasn’t represented in the Nadaam, but we got an honorable nod in the form of an NPC in Reunion by the name of Namengawa who explains the tribe while petting her goat mount. I took screenshots with her.

Then you have the titular characters in the storyline of this zone: Cirina of the Mol, Sadu of the Dotharl, and Magnai of the Oronir. OH WHERE TO BEGIN?! Hehe. Well I will say I think Cirina is absolutely adorable. A very kind and gentle soul, she upholds the traditions of her tribe as she aids the tribe leader / Grandmother. In the beginning she seems almost timid and scared like that of a lamb as its implied. As she progresses through the story though with the help of the WoL, Lyse, Gosetsu and my husband Lord Hien she begins to gain confidence of herself and for her tribe. I felt at moments she might’ve gotten a smidge too close to Hien, but it’s fine. I KNOW WHERE HIS HEART IS. Hehehe j/k.  ^_^


Then you have Magnai and Sadu. Oh if there was ever an OTP in this game that’s held my interest like it was a K-Drama this one was it! Both are the leaders of their respected tribes (Oronir and Dotharl) and feuding enemies of one another. The Oronir carry the belief that they are direct descendant of Azim and hence are “omnipotent” in a sense to size, power, wisdom, etc. And then there are the Dotharl who carry hearts of ferocity and find their honor in combat. To them death is not to be feared as their lives in the physical realm may end, but their soul will carry on to a new vessel. When looking into the eyes of a newborn Dotharl, they can tell which warrior it is and will name that child, male or female, after its predecessor.


It goes without question that Sadu? Yeah she’s a waifu for laifu in my book; No questions asked. I love her strength and how its tied to her emotions so delicately that it shows the humanity she holds without shaking the foundations of her power. You know the customs and traditions of her tribe are law in her heart and yet she still shows compassion (give it time because you don’t see the compassion early on) for her people.


Now Magnai? Magnai and I had this love/hate relationship thing going on in the storyline. Initially? I hated the guy. He straight up was obnoxious, carried himself with a snobbish air about him, and I felt that he was trying to over compensate for something with his alpha mentality. It turned me off to him and as far as I was concerned, he should trip and fall into some dung I picked up in a questline. As the story continues though, you see that he much like Sadu carry resemblances with regards to their tribal customs and the sincerity and care they hold for them. You understand why he acts the way he acts, and eventually? He shows some heart.

The entire time I was going through the questline I couldn’t help but think, “Holy crap. He’s the Gu Jun Pyo of FFXIV and Sadu is straight up his Geum Jan Di!” (These are Boys Over Flowers references. If you’ve seen it, you’ll understand immediately). Towards the end of the Azim Steppe? Magnai gained my respect. He could be a friend. Then in the cutscenes leading up the Doma Castle battle? The one with him on the Yol mount? The smile? /nosebleed

He’s teetering on the brink of my XIV harem status. That smile broke me. And yes…. I need to level up Warrior now IF he plays any part in the job questline.

Overall I cannot say enough good things about the zone and its story. It was compelling, it gripped my interest in ways I didn’t think possible, and taught me so much. The area itself really had a WoW feel of Thunder Bluff and Mulgore, which is probably my favorite zone Horde side. And as BIG as it is? I felt as if I still rushed through the area. Now there’s still a handful of sidequests I have yet to complete, but I’m determined to complete all the quests specifically in that zone.

Furthermore I feel as if the zone as a whole sheds light on the Xaela people and explains in depth what 8-10 of the 51 tribes are notable for, and why. I can briefly recall from my initial impressions of the Xaela when introduced by Yoshi-P it seemed as if Square Enix was very brief on their explanation of them and in some respects painted them overall to be the more aggressive, violent and dominant counterpart of the AuRa race. I think for this reason at first many leaned towards creating and race changing to Raen, but I think towards the middle of Heavensward, the tides turned and you began to see an equal balance between the two.

Now all this talk of the Xaela, but what about the Raen?! That will be the next post my friends. Please look forward to it! ❤


3 thoughts on “The Dawn Father, the Dusk Mother, and the Taco

  1. I’d be an enabler for the name change… but knowing you there will be another name change for your character in a month or so. XD

    I love all the Au’Ra lore in the Steppes as well as the area itself. Although I did so many side quests there that I soon started thinking “Can we get back to liberating Doma already? Pretty please?”. Oh, well. Still worth it.

    Every time Sadu and Magnai would interact with each other all I could think was “Oh, gods. You two just get a room already!”. XD

    Also, Sadu is the main reason I want to make a female Au’Ra warrior now. That and I created briefly one (and deleted) before moving to Ultros. I just wanted to make sure that I accessed the server correctly as part of the server transfer requirement.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Forgot to mention! It is cool that they address the fact you are of the same race/tribe as the NPCs. That kind of attention to detail is what I like about this game. 🙂

        As for my possible Au’Ra the thing that is making me hesitant is if I start as a Warrior it means I’d have to tank all the dungeons and I don’t feel all that confident about tanking in this game yet. I suppose I could start her with a different class though and level Warrior on the side… Hm… I will need to think about it a bit more.

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